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Hi All,

So we’ve had quite a few glitches with the site over the past 24-hours – things I didn’t even know existed. I think we have them all fixed now, but was hoping that as you go about your business on the site over the next week, you could test things and report back with even the smallest problem. If something loads funny or doesn’t work quite right, please let me know, no matter how small the detail.

So the things that we fixed are:

  • The Add Media button should appear in all screen views AND it should work when you try to upload a picture!
  • The Edit & Delete buttons on your comments should work. You should be able to delete your own comments as well as edit them.
  • When creating a new post there are two tabs that show the tools you can use to make the text Bold or make a bulleted list, etc.  One of the tabs is for editing the code – the Text tab.  This tab probably won’t make much sense to you unless you know HTML.  The other tab, the Visual tab, has more commonly recognizable buttons that you would see when you are writing an email or editing a Word document.  All this to say, the pop-up window for creating a new post used to default to the HTML Text tab.  But it should now default to the Visual tab OR whatever tab you used last time you created a post.  So if the tab is still defaulting to Text, just click the Visual tab and then next time you create a post, the Visual tab should be default.

If you encounter any problems, please report them in the comments of this post.



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