Want to get off Miralax!

I desperately want to get Lili off Miralax (and ducolax and senna). But it seems to be the only thing that keeps her stool soft enough to pass. She refuses enemas and every time I have tried to wean her off miralax, we have ended up with an impaction, in the hospital under sedation to remove it. We have tried prunes, probiotics, benefiber, magnesium, high fiber diet. Nothing but Miralax works! Despite being made of something awful, it makes her leak still constantly. Any suggestions?


  • Blackstrap molasses. I swear by it!!

  • My daughter is almost 4 and is on senna and enemas. We are able to keep the stool soft enough through diet but still need the senna to bring the stool down the colon. In order to get the right stool consistency, we have to pay very close attention to diet. I know when she was 2 yrs. she was supposed to have 7-12 grams of fiber. I’m not sure the right amount for a 6 yr old but I imagine over 15 grams. However, for us at least, too much fiber is just as much of a problem as too little fiber. We steer clear of lentils, many fiber full granola bars, beans (one serving can be 7 grams–too much for one food!), etc. but also avoid constipating food. There is also a saying that goes, fiber without water equals concrete. Water is so important. It took us awhile to find a balance. She eats bread that has about 3 grams of fiber and eats several portions of fruits and veggies a day. We also switched to an organic probiotic that has 5 billion cultures–some of the main stream brands only have 1 billion cultures. I know other moms on here have tried several remedies–like Tracy mentioned the blackstrap molasses, aloe vera, fish oils, etc. I think these would all help eventually replace the miralax. I think it would be much harder to replace the senna because it actually moves the stool down the colon and in theory is supposed to help the stool all come out at once–something I don’t think food can do.

    As your daughter gets older, she might find the peristeen more comfortable than a traditional enema because its only in for 30-45 seconds.

    Sorry, I completely know how frustrating bowels can be! And gathering from your other post, you were just kind thrown into figuring all this out. Just don’t feel bad about any interventions you are using because your number 1 priority in to keep her unconstipated so her colon doesn’t stretch out. But, I think you should be able to wean her off miralax, it may just take a little time to experiment to get the right consistency.

  • A agree with both ladies. We use molasses and FruitEze but the FruitEze is more of a bowl maintenance thing and does contain fiber. The molasses works well. So does light Kayro syrup (I’m told) but without the extra minerals etc.

    In your position, I would just move very slowly. Maybe even keep a diary of what you added and give that a couple days. Note the changes. Maybe back off the Miralax by half, wait a couple days etc.

    We are much younger (almost 1) but hope to start with the Peristeen when the time comes. Might be worth a try.

    Don’t feel badly. It is so tricky!!

  • I know Tracy weaned her daughter off Miralax and onto Molasses. Perhaps she could shed some light on how she did it. Granted her daughter is only 1, but still valuable information.

  • MrsK, yes, a diary makes such a difference. We still journal and it helps significantly. When we’re struggling with senna dosage, I always go back to my journals and can also identify patterns, etc. And whenever I have to call my nurse for help, I have all the info ready.

  • Tracy,

    I know Tspar puts it in her daughter’s formula. I’m curious if you do something else. I’d like to increase our dosage a an little, but formula isn’t an option. Z will actually take a good bit from a spoon, but not as much as I’d like. I mix the remainder in yogurt or what have you. But I’d rather not have everything she eats taste like molasses! πŸ˜‰

  • Hi all, so sorry for the short post earlier – it was late πŸ™‚

    Caroline was on Miralax for about 6 months (4 mo old to 10 mo old). I learned about emulsified fish oil and blackstrap molasses from TSpar. I transitioned Caroline slowly over about 2 weeks by cutting the Miralax in half every 3 days or so and adding the fish oils and molasses slowly during that time. She was not constipated at the time, but I could never really get her stools soft with Miralax (likely because I hated it and only wanted to give her a little….). Anyways, now her stools are perfect with probiotics, molasses and fish oils. I occasionally give her Fruit Eze too, but having trouble getting it in as she has been on hunger strike since having to be on antibiotics for a UTI πŸ™

    HOWEVER…please note that Caroline is only 13 months old. I am not concerned with continence right now. I know we will need to do something different (enemas, senna??) when we get to the continence stage. So, I do have some difficulty advising for the older kids. Just wanted to note that if you are looking for softer stools, then it is my experience that molasses works better than Miralax. And is a natural alternative. And I totally agree with the above advice that a journal is very helpful.

    I certainly think the “dose” is going to be different for every child. Caroline is 22 pounds and gets about 10 mL of emulsified fish oil and 2-3 mL of the molasses (see below for links to the products I get). My goal is to eventually have Caroline readily drink this stuff on her own or be able to mix it into food, but for now I just make her an evening cocktail of fish oil, molasses, probiotics, d-mannose, Cranactin, her multivitamin and corn silk and give it to her with a syringe. It sounds totally disgusting, but it actually is not that bad – I refuse to give anything to my children that I have not already tasted (fyi, her antibiotics were completely disgusting), so I have also had tasted all of these things mixed together. It took her a while to like the molasses as it is a pretty strong flavor, but now she opens up as I slowly give it to her with a syringe. Pretty smooth. Caroline is breast fed and only drinks breast milk or water from a sippy cup, so I do not try to mix this into formula or any other type of milk product. I am hesitant to mix it into the breast milk in a cup just in case she does not like it and associates it with the milk, then won’t nurse or drink the large stock of frozen milk I have. I am toying with the idea of trying to mix it into water. I will let you know.

    I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

    Here are the links to the products I get:

    Fish oil: we get the orange flavor, which actually does taste a lot like a creamsicle! http://www.amazon.com/Twinlab-Liver-Emulsified-Norwegian-Orange/dp/B001G7QG4K/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1414709296&sr=8-2&keywords=emulsified+fish+oil)

    Molasses: http://www.amazon.com/Plantation-Blackstrap-Molasses-Organic-15/dp/B000QV19BM/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1414709347&sr=8-3&keywords=blackstrap+molasses)

  • Thanks so much Tracy! I like the syringe idea.

    I just wanted to add one thing.

    The reason we buy *emulsified* fish oil is because it is more easily mixed into another liquid. This is important so you get the oil IN the baby, rather than coating the INSIDE of the mixing cup, bottle, syringe, etc.

  • Thank you all so much for your responses. We saw GI today and I ran some of these suggestions by him. He is all for us trying any of them. The one thing he warned is that the molasses gets absorbed by the bacteria in the intestines and can cause gas/discomfort. Anyone experienced this? Lili has chronic stomach pain already.
    I really appreciate all this feedback. Gives me hope there are things out there that we haven’t tried yet and might just work! Thank you all!

  • You know, I have noticed that Caroline is a bit gassy, but only the last couple of days and she has been on molasses for a few months now. She does not act painful in her tummy, but is certainly too young to tell me. I was attributing her recent lack of appetite for anything other than breast milk to the recent antibiotics, but now I wonder…could it be stomach pain from molasses? Has anyone else experienced this? Maybe the only way to know is to discontinue and monitor for changes. Ugh…that would mean going back on Miralax πŸ™

  • Well this is all very interesting!

    I give Zelie (11 mos -26 lbs) a tsp of molasses daily. A very similar amount to what you are using Tracy. Our “regimen” is FruitEze (1/2 tsp) in the morning, and the molasses at night. In both cases I basically just spoon it in her mouth. The Fruiteze texture was a slight adjustment for her in the beginning, but she clearly likes it. The molasses is trickier. She’ll take a mouthful or so, but the rest ends up just getting mixed into her food. I just start feeding her and whatever remains on the spoon gets eaten up in the process. She’s getting more used to the taste, but still … too much is enough! πŸ˜‰

    Like Caroline, she’s only breastfed where milk is concerned, and gets a little water and/or diluted juice. I don’t have a stash even, (never been for me), so there isn’t a way to mix it in even if I wanted.

    Now, as far as gas goes, I haven’t noticed any discomfort. She is, sometimes, a little gassy, but only a little and briefly. It doesn’t seem to last or to trouble her.

    As I read all this I think before I “up” the molasses, maybe I’ll just add the fish oil. Tracy, you could back the molasses to half and maybe increase the fish oil for two or three days and see what happens. It ought to be enough to see some improvement, if there is improvement to be made, and still keep things running well. If not, its just a few days and shouldn’t provide too much hiccup.

  • I only have a second so this is the telegram version.

    Tillian does not experience gas at all and she gets 1 Tbsp per day.

    A thought on the molasses – perhaps we need to get in the kitchen and create some amazing energy bar made with molasses. Like a fruit and nut ginger snap bar. Just a thought.

    • Molasses just arrived…OMG it is thick and strong smell. How on earth do you get this stuff in your little ones?

      • Honestly, I just give her a spoonful. The rest gets drizzled in with yogurt etc. But my baby is really a baby. Lili is older, right? You might just tell her she needs to take it like medicine, and have some milk nearby to chase it with. ???

      • Yeah, it is pretty thick and kind of strong tasting. Start slow and work up to her “dose”. Also try to mix it into things – maybe even something really yummy like frozen yogurt to begin with?? My baby (13 months) takes it by syringe, but only when mixed with her orange flavored fish oil. She gags if I syringe it by itself and refuses to take it from a spoon like MrsK’s baby.

  • “Granola” bars for the older kiddos and then just simple ginger snap teething biscuits for the little ones?

    We would have to carefully watch the fiber amounts and make sure there are no constipating ingredients to nullify the molasses and fish oil qualities.

    It may not work, what do you think?

  • I love the idea. Would the molasses retain all its potency if it were cooked? And if so, the information guess I need to brush up on my egg substitutes when baking.

  • I was wondering the same thing, but we could do raw dried fruit nut and seed balls all pureed up and sticky. Something along these lines:


    No eggs needed!

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