Soooo…   We’ve had my little granddaughter with us for a few weeks now.  Z has been going crazy trying to get into the thick of the games and silliness that the other babies have been doing.  Talk about movtivated!!  Last week she really, really started cruising around and trying to use a little walking toy.  I sent a text to her PT to let her know.

Yesterday, when we got to our PT session there was a crocodile walker waiting on us.  I had chatted with some folks over on BBC about what walker might be best and the consensus was that the croc might be too much for her, but we gave it a shot anyway.  Girls! She. LOVED. It.  The minute she realized she could stand up and go, it was all she wanted to do.  No encouragement needed.  No instruction.  Nothing.  And she handled it pretty well.

Neither her PT nor I knew about a couple of adjustments, and felt like maybe it was a little too big.  Today I did a little research and I think we can make it work just fine.  Of course, we will need our own and PT sent a request for a prescription to our doc today.  But I’m super excited that we might be able to use that particular brand since it has the ability to be functional outside.

I tried to upload a little clip, but got a “file not supported” message.  ???


  • FILE NOT SUPPORTED???????????????

    I want, I want, I need, I need. . . (name that movie)

    Ryan is coming this weekend to work on some computer issues and I will ask him to take a look at why we are having trouble uploading pics and video.

    Until then, can you upload it somewhere else and link to it, maybe?

    Three cheers for Z! How cute that she loved it so much.

    Was this with or without her AFOs?

    How exciting for all!

  • Drawing a blank on the movie. ..

    We did not have on AFOs. She can’t pull up with them on, and she’s been trying very hard to pull up. So lately, we have not been wearing them a great deal.See if this works.

    Little Sister taking big steps!: https://youtu.be/DXgcq3hg_dE

  • She looks awesome! SO exciting!

  • It IS excIting! And her goofy dad, who I love completely, was so casual about it. Eh, he says. Yes,it’s great but we knew she would do it.

    I was torn between throttling him for not being as excited as I was, and hugging him for being so perfectly confident in her.

  • Yay!! So super cute and very exciting. Caroline did the same thing when she fist got her walker, she loved it and was so proud. Please let me know if Z’s positive attitude continues…unfortunately, for some reason Caroline now hates the walker and refuses to use it, but wants to walk constantly with hand holding, cruising, sometimes the walking toys. We have tried everything- stickers, balloons, bubbles, the cat!! Now we are just taking a hiatus :). She might just be a strong willed independent little one but this mama is frustrated!
    Anyways, woooohoooo, go Z go!!

    • Silly Caroline! I would be frustrated too. Have you tried taking her somewhere new that she needs to be mobile to explore,with only her walker to help? I’m thinking a big shopping center or a kids museum or some such.

      Maybe she just feels she’s seen it all in her regular surrounds and is happy to stick to what she likes best or feels safest doing.

  • Aw, she’s so darn precious. That face! And she makes it look so easy.

    We’ve got a walker! Congrats to little Z! Way to go!

    I laughed at your comment about your husband. Too cute!

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