Urine Smells Like Ammonia

So Pooka has never had a symptomatic UTI.  She is colonized with e-coli and we have given her 1g of d-mannose daily for almost a year now.

But on and off for the past week or so her diapers have wreaked of ammonia.  The advice I would give myself is “push fluids” but nothing has really changed in her fluid input.  I have started giving her more water (where I normally would have given her milk), but it just won’t quit.

This is still considered non-symptomatic right?  No other changes except smell.



  • The only thing that comes to mind for me would be dehydration or diet high in sugar or high in protein that’s all I can think of

  • I would say yes, that is non-symptomatic. As long as there is no fever, lethargy, etc. I might up the d-mannose? Maybe, if she isn’t drinking more, offer her foods with a high water content. Melons come to mind, particularly.

    We went through a bit of a phase with that a couple months ago and it disappeared as quick as it came, after lingering with us a few weeks. That’s purely anecdotal, but maybe it helps.

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