• Do you have any duoderm? It really helps prevent pressure sores in areas you start to see redness. You can also ask a pharmacy for “new skin” or there are a little less effective but still useful cvs/walgreens brands of the same product. Sometimes, I will put the braces back on over a red mark, with the duoderm, as long as I can tell its not getting worse. I

    I usually just try to get as much circulation to the area as possible since lack of circulation is a lot of what delays the healing. So, I use the infrared heat lamp (depending on the sore, I might cover the sore itself but let the lamp bring heat to the area, moxibustion, and make sure that foot isn’t ever cold. If its cold, then massages. Other than that, i just use essential oils, etc.

    Sorry, I feel your frustration! Pressure sores are really such a pain!

  • Meredith had a terrible terrible sore on the bottom of her buttock right where it meets the leg. It was probably 3 inches in diameter. It was a terrible spot to try to dress and it eventually got infected. Ugh. Anyway, a wound care doc prescribed us Medihoney bandages. I guess the honey in the gel is a natural antibiotic, and the gel absorbs the wound moisture. Huge improvement within a couple of days. http://www.dermasciences.com/medihoney

    Ours are 4.5 in x 4.5 in. I am happy to send them to you if you want them.

  • Well fancy that!!! I just happen to have a bunch of medihoney left over from my son’s burn injury last summer.

    Does it work on closed wounds? Or just open wounds, do you know?

    Pooka’s sores are always closed, just bright red and swollen.

  • IDK if it would hasten healing on closed wounds or not. We only used it on a open wound that was already infected. Probably can’t hurt tho. Maybe while she’s sleeping?

    BTW what do you do about pressure sores normally besides leaving the AFOs off? My dd has a pressure sore on the bottom of her foot right now due to walking in a cast. They recasted her and uber-padded the area. She gets this cast off on Tuesday and will go into an AFO. Two weeks ago the sore looked like a closed blister with a red ring around it and they said it would probably get worse before it gets better. She just had a bunch of surgery on her feet, and this is our first time with AFOs.

  • I have always been so paranoid about them, that I have been super strict about not wearing boots or AFOs until they are 100% healed.

    But I have never treated them with anything. And they have never gotten worse (or opened up), but they usually take 10 days to 2 weeks to heal.

    This one is pretty much healed now (10 days later), but I might try emu oil or colloidal silver next time.

    Camilla, you mentioned essential oils, what oils in particular do you recommend?

    I’m thinking medihoney sounds like a great option for her foot too if it is an open sore when the cast comes off on Tuesday.

  • I have seen sugar bandages of all sorts turn closed wounds into open wounds very, very quickly. Healthy, non infected open wounds, but still open. Although honey bandages are the mildest of sugar bandaging techniques, all sugar will act somewhat abrasive to the skin and helps draw bacteria (or, in my field of work, gravel/dirt in an open wound from an animal that has been hit by a car, for example) to the surface. which is why it works so well with open, infected wounds. I am not familiar with the exact product described in this thread, but would still be hesitant, without direct orders from a doctor, to use honey on a closed wound.

  • Wow! Thank you for that!! ^^

  • That is super helpful information. Thank you for sharing.

  • Camilla,
    I have a bunch of questions about the duoderm, if you don’t mind:
    1) What shape do you buy?
    2) Can they be cut down or do you lose the adhesive edge when you cut them? Her sore is on the back edge of her heel, which seems to be a very tricky place to keep a bandage in place.
    3) How often do you check to make sure the sore is not getting worse?
    4) When you do check, can you reapply the same bandage or is the adhesive shot and you have to apply a new one?
    I said in a comment above that the sore was almost gone, well it is still lingering. Tomorrow will be TWO WEEKS!

  • The shape doesn’t matter b/c they can be cut down to whatever shape. SB clinic gives me several squares whenever I go in–I bet Shriners would give you some if you ask. They can also go on preemptively in areas she tends to get marks. I don’t ever pull the dd off to check for fear that pulling on the skin would further aggravate it. If you are going to take one off, I would do so right after a bath. They are actually should stay on several days but sometimes come off in baths. They stay on longer if you get it hot when you put it on so I put C’s foot under a heat lamp and hold it in place for a minute or so. Right now, C has a red mark and I am really trying to avoid getting her braces adjusted b/c it will essentially make the braces conform more around the foot’s clubbing. So, I am just keeping the dd on it, letting her sleep in other braces, giving her a couple hours out of them during the day, and checking whenever the dd comes off. So far, its staying the same and not getting worse.

  • Thank you so much for this info. I’m pretty frustrated with the AFOs vs. not AFOs right now. We see our ABM therapist (for the first time since November) this Thursday & Friday. I am going to show her all my issues and hopefully resolve some of my dilemmas. I will post my conclusions, should we come to any! 🙂

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