Oral Syringe Bowel Protocol Recipe

This recipe was created as a way for breastfeeding moms to implement the bowel supplementation program.

Mix up all the ingredients with a little water to thin it out. Then give it to the child using an oral syringe (without a rubber stopper) as you would any other medicine.

It can be given all at once or broken up into multiple doses throughout the day.

Daily dose of Infant Probiotics (follow instructions on the bottle)
1 tsp Emulsified Fish Oil
1-4 tsp FruitEze (adjust as needed)
1/2 tsp to 1 Tbsp Molasses (adjust as needed)

Bladder Ingredients (optional for bowel protocol)
1/4 tsp Corn Silk (Zea Mays)
1/2 tsp D-Mannose


  • We are just starting to have our first bowel issues (J is 4 months). From reading through other threads, I assume it might be smart to start on this protocol soon if we want to avoid mirilax? He is exclusively breastfed, so has that going for him, but even so has developed constipation that has affected the bladder function.

  • It worked wonders for us.

    Is J breastfeed or formula fed? Have you introduced any solids? What is the cause of the constipation, do you think?

    • He is exclusively breastfed, and I’m puzzled why we’re having issues. I didn’t change anything two weeks ago when we had issues (other than me eating rice for a few more meals than normal), and a few glycerine suppositories later and he was regulated again.
      This week has been a puzzle though. I’ve started to transition from his prophylactic antibiotic to d-mannose, and I’m wondering if that’s the issue. Do you think a “wanted” side effect of the antibiotic could have been keeping his bowels running?

  • Yes, antibiotics do loosen bowels. But what perplexes me is why an EBF baby would struggle with constipation. Even in the SB world, this is uncommon. Is he on any other meds, like bladder meds?

    • No bladder meds, thankfully… Hopefully can keep it that way. I’m running after another theory now and wondering if it’s sphincter related…? He’s had cold after cold his whole life, so when he coughed or sneezed, he pooped. Now that he’s not coughing and sneezing as much, I wonder if that has any influence. His sphincter seems really tight, but his poo consistency is very loose, and I’ve discovered he goes if he’s stimulated…
      I am not sure…

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