Online breastfeeding class for moms of spina bifida babies

Hi everyone! I just joined and I’m happy to be here. =) CJ is my SB kid. He is almost 8 and we’ve seen a lot of great things come from taking a more natural approach with him, especially with diet and exercise.

I’m a breastfeeding educator, childbirth educator in training and Masters in Public Health student. I teach an online breastfeeding class for moms of special needs babies. When CJ was in the NICU breastfeeding was pretty tough. He was my oldest and I didn’t have any friends or family who had a lot of experience with breastfeeding at all. The lactation consultant didn’t really have any information about how to deal with the issues of positioning after surgery either. So I basically, flew by the seat of my pants and through a lot of trial and error and a ton of support from my husband, I did manage to exclusively breastfeed my spina bifida baby per the World Health Organization’s recommendation.

Now that I’m a breastfeeding educator, I’d like to make it easier on other moms of special needs babies, so I created a class specifically for that purpose. It’s an online class, so you have lifetime access and can access the materials anywhere you have an internet connection. I go over a lot of the usual stuff like the benefits, latching, milk supply questions and trouble shooting, but I have a lot of material specifically for breastfeeding spina bifida babies, like dealing with surgeries (including the prenatal surgery), positioning, exclusive pumping, milk storage at home and in the hospital and gavage feeding. I also have a bundle of two classes for moms who have a special needs baby that is also premature. You can find it here:


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