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We are excited to announce that we have a new profile in the Adult Stories section.  What makes this story special is that you will also find Angela listed on our Physicians & Therapists page as well.

Angela Dockter is a healthy 44-year old Holistic Healthcare Practitioner who was born with myelomeningocele L3-S1 and attributes her unassisted mobility to the chiropractic work she began receiving at a very young age.  She has a fascinating story and I’m so excited that she has agreed to share it with us here.

Please take the time to read her story here.

And you can view her card in the Physicans & Therapists page here.

She has graciously agreed to answer any questions about her story in the comments section of this post.  I already have my list ready to go!  I’ll start!

In addition, Angela is excited to offer her health assessment services to our members with a special bonus.  Just mention “Spina Bifida Naturally” and Angela has a special offer waiting for your first assessment. Angela specializes in BioEnergetic health assessments, which are a painless, non-invasive test that allows her to “eavesdrop” in on the communication of the body. Subtle changes in health occur in the energetic layer of the body, cells, tissues, organs, and glands long before a health issue, concern, or crisis will show itself on a standard lab test. Angela starts with a 42-point assessment that looks at all major organs systems and glands – (lymph, digestion, brain, nervous system, trace mineral balance, circulation, heart, lungs, kidneys, bladder, colon, hormones and more).  This test gives her an overall snapshot of your health and helps her know where your body is imbalanced or needs help. Angela is able to scan for over 16k different situations in the body as well as look for root toxins or imbalances as well as remedies the body needs to bring it back into balance. Once Angela completes an assessment with you, she will provide you with a personalized program of recommendations specifically designed for your individual needs.


  • What an amazing story! I’ve read it 4 or 5 times, took notes, Googled things, wrote down questions. So here goes. I hope you don’t mind. I have a lot of questions.

    1) How did you know your shunt stopped working when you were in 8th grade? And how was it determined you no longer needed it?

    2) If you don’t mind my getting personal, if you don’t use Ditropan, how do you control your bladder between caths?

    3) What types of surgeries did you avoid due to the blend of traditional/alternative approach?

    4) Why do you attribute chiropractic to your unassisted mobility?

    5) Having divorced parents with different philosophies, what did you do for PT? Did you ever use bracing of any kind?

    6) How did you avoid tendon release? Did you have clubfeet? I tried all kinds of manual therapies to lengthen my daughter’s tendons, but nothing produced permanent results – myofascial, lymphatic & venous strain/counterstrain. The results were good, but always temporary.

    7) How does a chiropractor facilitate nerve communication?

    8) I’m shocked by what you say about Nixgia Red. Over what period of time did it shrink your scar?

    9) What type of bioenergy machine do you use?

    I look forward to hearing more. Thank you so much for your willingness to help us.


    • 1. I actually didn’t know my shunt stopped. At that time I lived in rural eastern Montana and visited my dr only about every 6-12 months. It was during a routine exam the neuro realized it wasn’t functioning. He literally freaked out and scheduled me for surgery. (I was with my mom). I called my dad to tell him (divorced parents) and my dad calmly asked how anyone knew when it had quit. He posed, “what if had quit the day after I left the last visit?” With that question the dr agreed to let me stay in town at the hotel across the street for one week and to come in for observation daily. After that week and some further follow-up testing we realized I wasn’t having any major complications so the decision was made to just observe it further and I was sent home with a list of issues to watch for. Ultimately I had none until the age of 19 when it grew into some scar tissue in my neck and I could no longer turn my head, so then it was removed.

      2) I have tried ditropan and a few others and ultimately the side effects are worse than living with some leakage. I do have that. I’ve had some improved control as I have implemented some of the stuff I mentioned in my story, but yes I do have some leakage. I do wear a typical feminine pad all the time to avoid obvious accidents. I used to wear actual depends but I actually got “addicted” to them (for lack of a better term) I got so dependant and let my self confidence go in my ability to function that I couldn’t walk from the house to the car without one for fear of an accident. At that point I worked on more confidence and self-awareness of the urge to urinate, and being more aware of my body’s energy signals (stress, anxiety, etc) and just worked to breathe through a situation that would send my nervous system into overdrive into a loss of bladder control. Sometimes it is mind over matter, which we aren’t really taught to understand we have control over with SB. It really is taught “we just can’t help it.” To a degree that is true, but it is so important to realize our thoughts, emotions, and stress do control us and that we can affect those in a postive way to gain more control over our own lives and bodies.

      3) I avoided multiple shunt revision/repair/replacement surgeries. I had it placed at just two days old, repaired at three years old and removed at 19. I didn’t require the typical every few years replacement. I avoided the tendon release. I also avoided a bladder augmentation. I do have neurogenic bladder and some reflux both which have improved since implementing some of these. I used to go to the urologist yearly (as recommended) until the day she stated after one of my tests that things had improved significantly and “that wasn’t possible” so I’d have to repeat the test (I did and she had no explanation and wanted to repeat again– at that point I knew I was on to something and didn’t go back) I offered to explain to her what I was doing and she had no interest. Is it 100% better? Am I “cured”? No. but I don’t require care yearly like I did before and I have improved drastically.

      4) Chiropractors focus on spine health. Not just in healthy “normal” people but in all people. One of my favorite chiropractors used this analogy with his clients. How often do you brush your teeth? (daily, or several times a day, right?) Why do you do that? (To keep your teeth healthy) How long do you plan on continuing to do that? (for life, right?) Why? (because we don’t want to let our teeth rot and loose our teeth). Same with spinal health. The nervous system runs the entire lengnth of the spine (and through the whole body) but every major organ, system, and gland is signaled through that nervous system. When there is a disruption in that nervous system those organs, systems, and glands are impaired or jeopardized. My defect is at L3 to S1 affecting bladder, bowels, legs, ovaries, the digestive system. By making sure my spine is in alignment and nerve communication is open to the fullest possible ability it can I free up the already burdened nervous system I was born with to reach more potential that I currently have. It is able to signal all those places that are “dysfunctional” to work more. I don’t have fully restored feeling, but I do remember growing up, clearly gaining feeling in portions of my legs that once were completely numb. This also ties in to question number 7. A chiropractor facilitates nerve communication by ensuring proper alignment of the spine which reduces pressure on nerves ( called a subluxation) and allows energy to freely move through the nerve pathway. There are different methods and techniques but the results and goals are one. Also because my spine was able to send proper communication, I was able to find balance. Muscles are able to “fire” properly etc.

      5) I was in braces (removable) until the age of 2. I did have PT up to the age of 5 or 6.

      6) I contribute much of my ability to avoid tendon release to the early chiropractic (as well the PT) now I would also definately add essential oils to it, massage, and customized homeopathy — but again, opening up that nerve communication is what I contribute the largest part. I do not have clubfeet. I do have a couple of deformed toes. I can curl the toes on my left foot, and some but not well on the right. (more than I used to however, that has gotten better as well over the years of holistic health

      7) see number 4

      8) I began taking the Ninxgia Red by YL for something different (can’t honestly remember why). I never even thought it would shrink my scar. Happened fairly quickly over about 4 months. Because I wasn’t really taking it for that I didn’t notice till “the day I noticed” if that makes sense. I was honestly shocked and amazed myself, but truly very excited and happy.

      9) there are different software machines on the market, mine is an avatar.

  • What a wealth of information! Thanks for sharing all of this, Angela! I’m sure after I re-read everything, I’ll have some questions.

  • Awesome information. The shunt story amazes me. I’ve always wondered if Lauren really needs hers. She went a month without it after birth, then had the replacement for 10 years. An xray showed that the shunt had disconnected from the tube so of course,we went in for a surgery which turned into a ridiculous affair in which Lauren nearly died. Long story that I don’t want to get into, BUT next time I will ask the same question that Angela’s dad asked- was Lauren functioning just fine without the shunt repair?

  • Hi Angela!

    Thanks for sharing so much information!!

    I do have a question for you. I can only assume that you, like seemingly all our kids, have a Chiari II malformation. Did that ever pose any concerns in your Chiropractic care? Have your doctors made adjustments to that C1/axis bone?

    Thanks again for being so generous with your story.

  • Good question. No I do not have Chiari. It would make a difference on the technique used, yes – but is not necessarily a reason to rule out chiropractic care as an option to look into. Definately communicate that to potential chiros but one that is trained well and confident will know what and how to work with that. Situation

    • I’m fascinated that you don’t have the ACII!! I didn’t know that was even possible if you had hydro as a baby.

      I’ve been ruminating on your comments here. My husband sees a chiro periodically, so I’m not totally unfamiliar. But I’m very, very leery for our girl because of the ACII. I appreciate what you’re saying about finding someone who is well trained and confident, but a person can be very confident and still be very wrong. Given that baby girl’s brain is RIGHT THERE I think we may have to let this wait. Once she’s old enough to talk and say what is working or hurting or whatever, then maybe but before then, its just too much risk for my comfort.

      I’d also love to know if you have some quick criteria for identifying chiros who are legitimate, physical medicine folk and who treats their therapy as a quasi-religious calling. There seems to be a lot of the second sort here and, to be frank, I find it off putting at best and predatory at worst. I would ideally still want to find someone with direct experience with the ACII, but that might help narrow the search.

      Thanks again for all your input!

      • I can’t really speak beyond my own experiences bc I’m not licensed as a Chiro and it’s something they would also hv to consider within their own training and licensing as well as diagnosing the situation per each person they work in ESP in Sb cases and yes even more so with Chiari. I do know one of mine did work in a Chiari case so I know it’s possible but bc of liability it really isn’t something I can share more specifics other than knowing it has been done. I hv also seen where a Chiro had just not adjusted at occipital or upper cervical but had done lower work on the spine. I just wanted to share to def look into it and not rule it out out of fear …. But each case has to be evaluated between the Sb patient and chirp individually. As far as finding the right fit u can ask them about why they chose chiropractic as a profession. Ask them if they believe the body tobe self healing? Do be cautious of the ones that say Chiro fixes it all. I’d lean toward that person more than most BUT they do tend to get too focused on Chiropractic as a miracle rather than talking a whole body aporoach (diet, the possible need for medical intervention when necessary, supplementation and/or just leaving room for other modalities) yet when they are very big on “you body can heal itself” they are very much headed in the right direction “usually.” I can say I hv learned the body is absolutely capable of healing more than we are ever taught to believe so ESP in the case of Sb it can be a mind reset we need to let go of barriers we are told too often medically that “this is as good as it gets” — it’s def a balance and Sb can be where both medical and holistic need work harder to blend.

  • This is such an interesting conversation. I know another gal who has done holistic chiropractic on her son since birth, but he does not have hydrocephalus (so I assume he doesn’t have ACII either).

    Angela, if you don’t have ACII, then what was the cause of your hydrocephalus?

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