Neurogenic Bowel Protocol

Because we are frequently asked (both here and on Baby Center) how to best wean off of Miralax, I wanted to create a permanent link to the natural bowel protocol. This is just a rough first draft. I will update it as necessary to reflect all improvements so that the original post always contains the most current protocol.

As I’ve said before, I don’t claim to have all the answers in this area. In fact, right now I have very few. What I am confident about, though, is that God has given us enough amazing medicine in nature to successfully handle this problem. We don’t need to use chemicals, with all their many side effects, to do it.

For the most part, this protocol is intended as a temporary solution, until a permanent bowel continence program can be achieved. Though for some, this protocol may lead to a permanent solution.

The protocol falls into three categories based on age & diet:

1) Exclusively breastfed children who require bowel assistance due to the use of ditropan/oxybutynin or for whatever reason.
Oral Syringe Recipe

2) Formula fed children who have not yet started any solid foods.
Goat Milk Formula Recipe

3) Children who are comfortably eating a variety of solid foods.
Because we have had so many problems with children rejecting molasses & fruiteze based on flavor and/or texture, my goal is to develop a mostly neutral tasting powdered protocol that can be mixed into food and possibly even drinks. This is how Miralax works. So my goal is to develop a tried & true protocol that is as easy to implement as Miralax. Am I too optimistic? Maybe. Only time will tell, I guess. I pray the Lord will bless our efforts.

I think we have the best hope of accomplishing this by combining the most promising ingredients from multiple laxative categories to address the many needs of the bowel.

I am going to start transitioning Pooka to this protocol tomorrow. I will start a separate post to track her progress. My goal is to transition her off of molasses on to a combination of magnesium (hyperosmotic), triphala (stimulant), rhubarb root (stimulant), cape aloe (stimulant), marshmallow root (mucilagenous) & slippery elm (mucilagenous). There are multiple products on the market with this combination of ingredients. I will be using one of them. I plan to open the capsules and sprinkle them in her food multiple times a day, starting low and working my way up until her bowels have successfully made the transition.

But in the meantime, we know that magnesium, molasses & fruiteze DO work, and have worked magic for some. So just because some have had taste/texture issues doesn’t mean that others should be discouraged from trying them. I just hope to find something more neutral tasting & universally effective.

Please send all comments, suggestions & criticisms my way via the comments section of this post. I want this to be as thorough, accurate and helpful as possible. And know it will be a work in progress for quite some time.


  • If you can indeed come up with a powdered formula as easy and effective as Miralax, you will become a millionaire! Can I go insies with you? I’ll do the supervising, you do the work. :):)):):):):):)

    One idea. when and if you introduce this outside of the community forum here, I would remove this line: “hat I am confident about, though, is that God has given us enough amazing medicine in nature to successfully handle this problem. We don’t need to use chemicals, with all their many side effects, to do it.” It’s off putting, espeically for people who do need (or choose to use) chemicals, (like ditropan etc). And the people over here already pretty much agree with you, or have made a different risk/reward analysis for their families. my 2 cents. Kira

  • Kira!!!!! OMGosh, so nice to meet you. If it is ok with you, I would like permission to refer to you as Kira now instead of “klgs24” or “Meredith’s mom” when relating stories to my husband. “And then Tracy said this, and then K L G S TWENTY FOUR said this!” He would look at me funny and then I would say, “you know, Meredith’s mom!” πŸ™‚

    Oh and how is the “i” pronounced in your name? Pooka’s middle name is Kyra pronounced with a long i.

  • Absolutely! Nice to “meet” you too. lol. Mine is a short I.

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