Natural Bladder Trial

I’ve been meaning to get on here to post about the 6 month trial we are doing with natural bladder meds.

In October we finally got in for ultradynamics testing in Portland after being denied twice in Seattle. Tillian is 3 and hasn’t had one in over 2 years.

The resuls showed irregular shaped bladder, some bladder wall thickening, lower than average volume and some spasticity.

Doc wanted to prescribe Oxybutynin/Ditropan, but because her kidneys look great and she has no signs of reflux, I asked if we could do a 6-month trial with some natural remedies under the care of our ND Urologist. Doc reluctantly agreed and we are scheduled for retesting on April 15.

We have been doing Juniper & Cypress EOs, diluted in a carrier oil, rolled on the skin over the bladder in the morning & evening. Plus she is taking pumpkin seed extract stirred into OJ twice a day as well.

Its hard to gauge bladder health, but I will say that she no longer leaks at each diaper change. She used to leak when I would open her diaper or wipe her clean. And she no longer does this.

What does this mean? Only time will tell.

We are working on bowel potty training right now. I feel like the doctor will take me much more seriously if I can show what we have done with her bowels (see post entitled Triphala Experiment).

I will keep you all posted.



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