Mia Hayes – Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

I know that we are a very small group, but I wanted to post this story here in hopes that it will be forwarded on via email or Facebook.

Mia Quilt

Mia Hayes, is a little girl with Spina Bifida who suffered a hypoxic brain injury while undergoing stem cell treatment in Mexico. Her mother, Haley, and I were both members of the FB group dedicated to Stem Cell treatments for Spina Bifida, which is where I first heard Mia’s story.

Mia Beach

Since the injury, Mia’s parents have researched all kinds of potential treatments for Mia, including scalp acupuncture and hyperbaric oxygen treatment. They have decided on hyperbaric oxygen treatment and are trying to raise $2000 for her first round of treatments. In addition to overall improvement, they are hoping this treatment will restore her vision, which was lost due to the brain injury.

Mia Now

I spoke with Haley on the phone recently and one thing that she said really struck me. She said, “I used to think Spina Bifida was the end of the world and now I would give anything for her to just have Spina Bifida again.” She longs to see Mia smile again. She has not smiled that beautiful smile since the incident.


Click here to read Mia’s full story.

If you feel compelled to help them raise the $2000 (they are almost there at $1348), they have setup a YouCaring page – A Miracle For Mia

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