Lots of Pinprick Red Spots after Acupuncture?

We have been doing acupuncture for awhile not but recently have noticed something different. A couple weeks ago, after a treatment, Claire got lots of little pinprick red spots (not raised) around the area of a treatment. Her acupuncturist said it was just blood coming to the area. Then, after no treatment, she got more spots on her lower back (same area as before) and some on her legs (where we have not even had acupuncture in awhile). I googled it and lots of terrible things came up. She just had a treatment yesterday, and around her lower back, she has over 100 spots and they are on various other areas of her body as well. Since google has so many awful things to say (not specifically with acu.-just the blood spots in general) but my acupuncturist seems to think its no big deal, I wanted to check to see if any of you have had similar experiences after acupuncture.


  • Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience to share, but I am concerned.

    Were the previous spots all gone before yesterday’s treatment. How long did they last?

    And then after the treatment yesterday she got new ones on her back?

    Are the spots red like blood or red like irritation? Do they itch? Are they bothering her?

  • The spots were mostly all faded before the new treatment. They look like blood. Not irritated at all–completely flesh with skin–they don’t bother her.

  • I’m sorry, but I don’t have any advice. I’ve not had that with Z or myself (I’ve been going for years). Don’t you hate Google?! It can be so helpful and so scary and so hard to know what’s right.

    When they faded, did they fade like a bruise, changing colors? Haven’t you made any other changes? Diet? Supplements?

  • She is on a new supplement that I think could have contributed. However, with the first and third round of the spots they were very clearly related to the acupuncture. Its confusing. I am going to see if my SB clinic will go ahead and test her blood just to ck for any underlying problems. I feel like when they fade, they just get lighter in color until they disappear.

  • Yep, tell your doctor. Let us know. It could be related to the acupuncture, and probably is, but just in case…I’m interested to hear what you decide it is.

  • Hi Camilla,

    Just wondering how things are with Claire. Did you get in touch with the clinic?

  • I called our SB clinic and her nurse didn’t seem too concerned (she does acupuncture herself) but we will do the standard blood testing at our next clinic appt.

    After our acupuncture appt yesterday, she did get more spots but the previous ones had faded going into the appt. They seem to be clearly linked to the acu but she is on a new supplement that is supposed to tonify the blood–Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan–so I think that must be a factor since the spots are new but we have been doing acu for awhile.

    After this pt, unless I see something alarming, I think its ok. Thanks for checking on her!

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