Latex allergy and senna and aloe juice?

Just an FYI I had read alot about aloe juice helping with Gi issues so I gave eve half a teaspoon once a day for three days and now she has a rash . I think it’s from the aloe juice I read it can contain latex It was helping her go to the bathroom but I won’t be giving it again. In reading about latex allergy I read that senna can contain latex cell? Does anyone know if this is true if so I guess ill have to stop senna also. Still giving the fish oil vit c probiotic and mag thanks so much.


  • We give aloe vera and senna and have not had any problems. I can’t say for sure about aloe vera but our local SB clinic recommends senna and I know they are very aware of latex precautions so I really don’t think the senna has any latex. I would be inclined to think her skin is sensitive to something in the aloe vera or maybe it was causing her to go more than normal and therefore, irritating her skin.

  • Hi Jennifer, I saw on FB that Colleen suggested you call a pharmacist. I would be interested to know what you found out?

    I wonder if what you read was saying that senna & aloe are latex similar foods? I don’t know much about it. MrsK would be the local expert in this area. But apparently there are certain foods that have some of the same properties as latex and therefore cause reactions for those with a true latex allergy (rather than just precaution).

    Wait, if Eve has a latex allergy, you already know this. Sorry if I just wasted your time! You’ll never get those 10 seconds of your life back! πŸ˜‰

  • All of this is new to me so defiantly not a waste of my time I truly appreciate all of y’all knowledge thank u. So I called the pharmacist she said a small percentage of people allergic to latex could be allergic to senna and to look at ingredients. So it doesn’t say latex but I just read senna can contain latex cells not really sure what that means either

  • That is interesting. But if she has been taking senna without a reaction, then I would think that would be fine. It was the aloe vera juice that caused the rash, right?

    There is a gal over on Baby Center who has been having a strange experience with aloe vera. It’s kind of a long read and definitely different from what you are going through, but it’s an interesting coincidence. I’ve never used aloe vera juice, so I don’t know what to think about these two instances. It has me leary, for sure.

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