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I was wondering if anyone has used Laser Therapy?  It is similar to acupuncture with regards to results.  Here is some info:

I have access to a similar unit for animals and am thinking about using it on Caroline for scar reduction.  It works great on my animal patients for scar reduction, treating cystitis (bladder inflammation) or any inflammation at all (arthritis, ear infections, post surgical, etc…just not cancer), and is awesome for acute spinal injuries (hit by car, slipped disc, etc).   I completely understand that our kiddos don’t have acute injuries (other than tethered cords – sort of acute?) but rather nerves that never formed correctly to begin with, but wondering if this might be something that would help?  I have been too nervous to use it until now – I don’t know why as I have never seen any side effects from it.

I will keep you posted.


  • This is the one my MNRI therapist uses. It all sounds very interesting.

    This site says it “promotes nerve growth.”

  • Not sure if its quite the same thing but we use a laser touch one:
    I use it primarily on Claire’s feet. It does help with loosening them and I can tell a difference immediately after using it but for us has not been dramatic/long lasting results. I also use it on her tight hips. As I mentioned on the other post, she does have scars from her surgery but I’m not sure to what degree they would be worse if I didn’t use the LTO. Overall, I’m glad we use it and I think its worthwhile but I’m more hoping more is going on beneath the surface (breaking down scar tissue) than I can actually see. I am a little nervous using anything with estim on her back scar because when I asked her neurosurgeon about it, he said the stim could travel up her spinal cord to her brain–that was enough to deter me!

  • @Camilla, my ABM therapist showed me her Laser Touch One. I was surprised how small it is.

    She said that in addition to using it on her son with CP, she uses it on the whole family for strains and pulled muscles and tightness. Have you tried it on those types of things?

    Now is the cold laser considered estim? I thought it wasn’t?

  • I meant to reply to this when you posted it. Been a very busy few weeks!

    I don’t have any experience with it for people. I should say that first. But…

    We have used for a pet with a chronic condition. Its been disappointing. It certainly makes her feel better in the moment and addresses inflammation. Unfortunately, all results are temporary and all symptoms return pretty quickly. We went out of town and left her with the vet who treated her daily for a little over two weeks. Within 10 days you’d never know it…

    For acute injuries I think it works small miracles, but for our kids I don’t know that it be more than a small tool.

  • Yes, the LTO is estim–maybe considered tens, not sure. I have not really used the LTO on the rest of the family simply cause I have not really had reason to. I have used our Empi units on our backs and it has really helped my back. The thing I like about the LTO for Claire’s feet is that since it is so small I can get in the grooves of her feet whereas, that isn’t possible with the empi. I agree with MrsK about it not being very long lasting. For Claire’s feet, I view it kinda like the effects of massage, if I stopped massaging/stretching her feet for a week, her feet would completely stiffen which is why I do have to massage twice a day. With the LTO, I am just trying to get her feet more flexible at the start of the day.

  • I have never found anyone else that has used laser therapy. My aunt had a laser when my son was a baby and we used it off and one until he was a year or so old. While we were using the laser we were also using oils and massaging his legs. By 9 months old he had feeling in his right foot, something he hadn’t had previously. Over time he started to move his right toes, just tiny slight movements, then eventually he was able to move his right foot at his ankle. She later moved and we didn’t use the laser anymore and we have slowly got him to get feeling in his left leg and left ankle but it is still limited sensation. I often wonder how much of his feeling came back from using the laser as our progress since then has been VERY slow compared to before. Where do you buy your lasers, or are you going to the doctor for them? I have a doctor that uses one but I haven’t seen much difference since going to him and I was getting tired of breaking the bank.

    • I have access to a class IV laser at my work. They are not cheap, the one we have was about 25K.

      Do you know if the one you used was class IV? If so, what settings? Spinal or skin settings?

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