Just showing off!


If you are not familiar, that is a Y Bike Pewi.  We got it for Z’s brother on his first birthday.  He’s long outgrown it but she has discovered it and loves it.  She’s gotten very mobile on it and can go all over the place!  SO. MUCH. FUN!!

I hope everyone is safe and warm these days.  I know all the babies must be huge now!


  • Just one more. Look! No hands!!

  • So cute. What a great toy/tool. Look how big she’s gotten, and as adorable as ever.

    We are still having so many problems with Tillian’s feet/boots/AFOs/shoes. I”m wondering if I bought her some soft but super snug shoes if she could benefit from something like this. Thanks for the tip!

    • Loving the Tuskihosi. It might be worth looking into for this purpose. They really are structured to help combat pronation and support ankles and feet in a proper position.

    • I looked into them back when we got our AFOs, but the smallest size was a size FOUR! Am I missing something? Are Z’s feet that big already? Pooka wears a size 2 WITH AFOs on!!!

      • We do have her in 4’s, and they are too big. At one point I thought I had found some infant sizes but didn’t by them and can’t find them now.

        And, in any case, once she started standing consistently her feet grew exponentially – like half an inch!

        Point being we started her in 4’s and they were much too big but it worked ok anyway since we are talking about standing and not walking.

  • And yes, the snow is melting, the sun is out and the lettuce is poking out in my garden.

    We sat outside for the first time today since Fall.

  • So cute! What a little daredevil 🙂
    Watch out Tour de France, here comes Z!!

  • Adorable!!!! What a cutie-pie!!! Shoes have always been a big issue for us. Wait until your girls are pre-teens and want cute shoes rather than clunkers. And they have to fit over AFOs. It is an all day shopping trip for one pair of shoes. Converse Tennis shoes have been the best as far as casual shoes go. We still don’t have a good dress shoe.

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