Juniper Oil for Bladder

A few of us have been discussing the merits of juniper oil for bladder via email. We know very little, but have a lot of speculatory thoughts about what it might be capable of accomplishing in our little ones’ bladders.

So I have cross-posted over on the FB Group – Wellness with Essential Oils for Spina Bifida Families asking the ladies to come over and share their juniper oil success stories. And I hope they will.

The information I most hope to glean is:

1) What condition were you trying to treat? Reflux? Irregular Bladder Growth? General Spacticity?
2) Were you on a drug and if so, were you able to successfully replace it with Juniper Oil?
3) Were your successes confirmed by a doctor and/or urodynamics?
4) What are your thoughts about Juniper Oil & Continence?

I am really looking forward to reading your stories.


  • I started using a Juniper Berry/ Cypress combo (blend) when my son was around 1-1.5 yrs. He was on Ditropan for spastic bladder ,we cath 4x a day, he doesn’t fully drain.

    I wanted to see if I could get him off the Ditropan and after reading up on Juniper Berry ( had never heard of anyone using it before) it looked good, antispasmodic being key to me for spastic bladder, but also that it could be good for kidney health and urinary infections.
    I looked into Cypress too which is good for incontinence and urinary system health
    Bonus they are compatible to blend together.

    We started using it (diluted) am/pm. We weren’t needing to increase his Ditropan which didn’t make sense, so after about a year of use or less I asked his Urologist to do a trial off Ditropan to see if the oils were working, he said it’s not usually done but would be safe so we could try it. We stopped Ditropan, I kept a log of outputs prior to and after stopping. Per Urology’s instructions we went back after 2 or 3 months for a renal ultrasounds and consult. Urology said everything looked good and we were cleared to stay off Ditropan.

    Who’s to say he didn’t outgrow the spastic bladder issue (not sure if that’s common) but I also like this blend as UTI prevention.

    I have a UTI treatment blend too:
    2 parts Frankincense
    2 parts lemongrass
    6 parts melalChristines only needed antibiotics once in the last 1.5-2 years, he had been treated a handful of times in his first year and only 1x since using the oils.

    We also use a nerve regeneration blend I found on another site on my son’s spine am/PM that has Juniper Berry in it. This type of thing would be hard to measure success with but I figure it can’t hurt, he’s doing great, walking with 1 crutch, can walk without but can’t stand for more than a couple seconds. His lesion is L4-L5 and we had Fetal Surgery.
    The blend is:
    5 parts Helichrysum
    3 parts Cypress
    8 parts Geranium
    2 parts Juniper Berry
    1 part Peppermint

    Hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions.

    • Hi Christine,

      Thanks for sharing your story.

      I’m wondering a few things. How old is your son now? Does he stay dry between caths? If not, what are your thoughts for continence?


      • He’s 3 (birthday late November),

        I’m still exploring our options, so far he doesn’t seem to be able to go on the potty between caths, he can’t tell (or tell me at least) when he needs to go, we tried men’s depends pads in underpants for a while to catch what comes out between and it was working great but we’re still working on bowel continence so we went back to diapers for that. If we get his poop situation more regulated I would go back to the pads in underpants for sure,. I’m still not sure if traditional potty training for between caths is even an option, i’d like it to be, but just don’t know yet. He can push urine out through a cath great, but without the cath not much happens or just drips.

        I know other families who don’t cath and do timed potty breaks with a pad to catch leaks and that works ok for them. I’d like to avoid going back on meds if possible. I’ve thought about increasing cathing but I don’t think he would tolerate it very well.

    • Christine! So awesome to hear from another mom who is trying to use natural means and stay off medication! I added you as a friend on fb, as I’m also a member of the fetal surgery group 😉
      Would LOVE to chat with you about your journey and things you have tried and to share ideas.

      • Aimee,

        Feel free to share ideas here too. That’s the whole reason we started the site. I would LOVE to hear what you’ve tried.

        Like you said, finding other moms who try to use natural methods to avoid medication is oh so rare indeed!

        If you don’t mind sharing, you could start a new post introducing yourself and everything you’ve tried.

        No pressure. I just love meeting new moms and hearing their natural stories!


  • My son was on ditropan from birth til 2 months old with no cathing. We took him off ditropan at 2 months and wasnt introduced to oils until later. With our Urologists concent we have been using cypress/juniper berry blend since about 8 months of age basically for overall bladder health. He does have a neurogenic bladder as im sure most with SB do. Grant is almost 3 yrs old and has never had a UTI. We just started cathing and back on ditropan per our urologist thinking Grant probably leaks. And the idea being to be comfortable and teach Grant to cath before school in case he needs too. The last 2 urodynmics we had were inconclusive. After starting the cathing and meds we will have another study done in 4 wks. We are still using the cypress/juniper berry blend.

  • I just logged on to make a Juniper post, you beat me to it!

    I have dabbled in oils only a little, mostly diffuse them. I will admit they overwhelm me a bit.

    With the Juniper, I assume you use a carrier and apply directly? Does the cypress enhance the effects? How much do I use?

    Which brands are the best? We have always used Young Living.

    • Young Living is a better one yes. I personally use doTerra. These brands of oils are purer so they can be very strong and overwhelming. And that is also why we use a little amount and depending on age as well. Little ones really need caution. Always apply with a carrier oil like coconut, olive, almond…something natural not vegetable. It helps absorb into the skin. Cypress helps with muscle fatique and tone and overall bladder function. Juniper berry is a detoxifier, an antiseptic and antispasmatic which are all geared towards the bladder. Idealy for an adult 1-2 drps per quarter size oil and over abdomen. I put 5 drops each in a 10ml roller bottle and fill with coconut oil and use after a diaper change 1-2 times daily.

    • For the Juniper and Cypress I mix with a carrier and apply to the bladder area, you could also apply to the bottoms of the feet.
      The dilution ration is 1-3 drops EO to 1Tbsp carrier for ages 0-2 and 1-3 drops EO to 1 tsp carrier for kids 2+

      I use a 10ml roller with about 3 drops each oil with carrier (i use grapeseed or fractionated coconut oil) – my son is 3

      The cypress doesn’t necessarily act as a booster, but both oils are good for the bladder and they are safe to blend together so that’s why I started using them together.

      Young living is good, I use doTERRA

  • Our daughter did not have urodynamics testing until she was 6 months old (October 2013) . At that time we learned that while her bladder was emptying – it was not emptying completely and it was overworking and misshaped. We began cathing 4 times daily and a dose of Ditropan twice daily at 2 mls. The following year (October 2014) her urodynamics showed slight improvement in her bladder shape but she was still not emptying completely. We continued cathing 4 times daily and increased her Ditropan to 3mls twice daily. Shortly after her 2nd urodynamics testing I began to learn about essential oils and the natural support it provided. After seeing posts on FB regarding Juniper and Cypress for the bladder my husband and I finally decided to jump in using essential oils. We used 5 drops of each Juniper and Cypress in a 10ml roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil and rolled over her bladder in the morning and night while we were cathing. At her urodynamics testing in November 2015 we were thrilled to see major improvements in her overall bladder function. Her urologist used words such as “Remarkable” and “thrilling” in discussing the results. We have run into some bowel issues and an unfortunate result has been several UTI’s. Her urologist does approve of the essential oils usage but has encouraged us to keep her on Ditropan (still at 3mls twice daily) and cathing until we can get her bowels managed better. We continue to use the Juniper/Cypress combo, are working to manage her bowels and looking forward to getting the go ahead from urology this summer to stop Ditropan.

  • This whole feed makes me so happy!! My daughter is 11 1/2 and has been on Ditropan for years. I’ve wanted to get her off of this awful drug for years now. She has recently been going through a lot of depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, irritability & was just diagnosed with ADHD. I swear I feel that’s Ditropan has played a huge part in some of this. After speaking with her urologist about this they said they’d like to get her off of the Ditropan as well as it’s known to effect the brain. This is so concerning to me! We recently tried to take her off of it while she was on a break from school and she asked to go back on it b/c she was having accidents. I’d give anything for a natural remedy this! I’ll be ordering some oils today!

    I have recently been introduced to the Medical Medium and have been reading his newest book. I’m part of a FB group that just recently posted about Cilantro helping with this problem as well. It’s fascinating to start educating yourself more and more with food. I believe food is medicine. I’m just finding it hard as my child is an extremely picky & unhealthy eater.

    • Hi Amber,
      What a crazy coincidence that you posted this just now. We are 3.5 months into a 6 month trial using pumpkin seed extract and juniper oil in hopes that it can be a replacement for bladder drugs. We go back for a U/D & renal U/S in April. I was just sitting down to write a post about it. So look for that later today.

      • I have read about Pumpkin seed extract awhile back. When I asked the urologist about it he said he’d never heard of anything about it (naturally) and started to read a bit while we were there. He said it sounded beneficial for males due to prostate but didn’t see how it could help females. I have a whole bottle of Pumpkin Seed Oil in the form of 1,000 mg soft gels. I’m thinking maybe I should stop listening to the doctors 100% and just try this along with the juniper & cypress oil blend?

        I’m so thankful Spina Bifida Naturally!!! My wish is that more people become more aware of the drugs they are putting in their bodies and discover there may be natural ways instead.

        • Hi Amber,

          I believe it has to be the water soluble pumpkin seed extract (not the oil).

          I’m not sure how you could safely transition from one to the other. Well actually, here is how Christine says she did it (in a comment above):

          “We started using it (diluted) am/pm. We weren’t needing to increase his Ditropan which didn’t make sense, so after about a year of use or less I asked his Urologist to do a trial off Ditropan to see if the oils were working, he said it’s not usually done but would be safe so we could try it. We stopped Ditropan, I kept a log of outputs prior to and after stopping. Per Urology’s instructions we went back after 2 or 3 months for a renal ultrasounds and consult. Urology said everything looked good and we were cleared to stay off Ditropan.”

          Please keep us posted.


          • I’d love to hear your feedback on Belladonna. How do you know how much to give? I see that you have been using this as well. My daughter has been off of Ditropan for a few weeks now. Her urine stinks and I’m constantly doing laundry but I’m determined to keep her off of it! She’s 12 1/2.

          • Amber, I’m worried about your daughter going off Ditropan cold turkey without a replacement solution. Stinky urine and UTIs is certainly concerning. Does she reflux?

            Belladonna is working perfectly for us. How can I help?

  • What product are you using, dosage , etc

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