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So I was just searching for a post I read awhile back that was entitled something to the effect of “A letter to myself when I got my Spina Bifida diagnosis.” I didn’t find it, but I found a similar post on a very fun blog, which got me thinking.

I’d like to compile a list of “Inspirational SB Blogs.” The current blog list is mostly comprised of blogs that journal the pregnancy and NICU experience for family members, which is great and so helpful. But what about a separate list of the really inspirational ones – the ones that make you laugh and cry, you know?

MrsK, I know you follow a few.  One is at right?

The ones that come to mind without me looking are:

What Do You Do Dear

Any other suggestions?

Oh, and if you know the post I was looking for, can you send that my way too.  It’s not the wifeytini one.




  • The one at Patheos isn’t actually an SB blog. I actually follow the two above (although Wifeytini has been quiet a while) and another one that is related to foster care but includes a child with some disabilities, also not SB.

    I know there are lots of families who start blogs when they are diagnosed, and then it all tapers off when things return to normal. What about the one with the gentleman who wrote the letter to his mom?

    I also know about, but don’t follow, this one. Definitely SB. Aimed, at least partially, at the Latino population who presently have the highest occurrence rate. At least, I believe they do.

    I think the letter you are looking for may be on the United by Spina Bifida FB page. Also The Mighty has some great stuff, but it is not exclusively SB.

    Sorry I’m not more help.

  • Here’s another.

    I don’t follow, but have read it and liked it.

  • I’d love to include non-SB ones as well. Ones that inspire Special Needs thinking. A couple of posts you have linked to either here or at Baby Center come to mind. The one about “Assessments” and the one about us all having Special Needs. Do you remember those? The special needs one was recent on here and I’m sure I could find it. But the assessments one was a long time ago.

    I say send the inspirational ones, SB or not!!!

  • Mary Evelyn had a guest post from The Squeaky Wheelchair the other day. She has CP. I started following because she was hysterical.

  • is the one about everyone having special needs. I’ll have to look for the other.

    The one on Patheos is very little about the special needs and a whole lot about being a Catholic lady. So probably not quite what’s needed here.

    I’d just have to go back and hunt the assessment one. She’d probably be a good blog to follow, but I don’t follow her. Did I post that here?

  • Thanks ladies. Now I have to figure out where to put this list. Under Real Stories or Resources? On the actual blogroll page in a separate section? Or on the websites page? Thoughts?

  • I think I would put them on the Blogroll in their own section. And maybe, under “Real Stories” just add a blurb and a link over to them there.

  • Found it,

    This us the blog that had the assessment post. It was driving me nuts that I couldn’t remember!

    I don’t know how often they update. On my phone it looks like it may not be vertu active. But there is lots of good stuff there regardless.

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