Hi, I’m TSpar – This is Pooka’s Story

hatHi, I’m TSpar and I am so excited about this website!

I have been searching the web for natural and alternative treatments ever since we received my daughter’s SB diagnosis last August. As many of you probably know, this type of information is not easy to find.

Here’s our story:

All of our doctors wanted to plan a c-section at 38 weeks for doctor scheduling purposes, but we were not willing to subject our birth to all the risks associated with a c-section just for scheduling purposes.  So we induced naturally at home on a Monday morning, in hopes of going into labor before the weekend (when our favorite doctors might not be available).  Things progressed quickly and we checked in at our delivery hospital Monday afternoon. Our little “Pooka,” as we call her, was born 36-hours later after way too much Pitocin, followed by a failed epidural.

Pooka had her back closed within 24-hours and her VP shunt placed 2 days later due to severe hydro.  Her neurosurgeon does not like to commit to lesion levels, but finally estimated her at an L4-L5. All in all, we spent 3 full weeks in the NICU before we could take our little Pooka home.

She was born with severe club feet, which we have been treating with various therapies, including traditional Ponsetti casting and multiple tenotomies.  After 10 months of treatment, her feet are finally corrected and she is 1-month into her 90-day full-time “boots and bar” wear.

We have used a combination of conventional and natural treatments in Pooka’s care.  We always try to take the least invasive road, with the smallest amount of side-effects.  But when it’s time to pull out the big guns, that’s what we do.

Pooka has had very little problems with her bowel and bladder.  Though she is colonized with e-coli, she has never had a symptomatic UTI. She has been on a homemade goat milk “formula” for the past four months and has been thriving on it.  In fact, both of her urologists attribute her bladder health to the d-mannose we put in her formula. She does not tolerate any cow milk products, but the goat milk recipe has been a magic formula for her.  It includes lots of great stuff, like omega oils, probiotics, d-mannose, liquid corn silk and molasses.  It keeps her very regular.  We have been very careful with foods.  So far we have introduced goat yogurt (with a drop of molasses) and sweet potato mixed with slippery elm powder.  She is still very regular.  We feel very blessed that she has been able to avoid all drugs thus far.

Pooka has surprised us by meeting many unexpected milestones, including rolling both directions & crawling. We look forward to seeing her stand and walk once she moves from “boots and bar” to AFOs.

Pooka has been very blessed not to have had any complications with her shunt or with tethered cord.  Overall, she is a very healthy and happy little girl.

We look forward to trying many of the treatments listed on this site.  But so far, most of our experience has been with Craniosacral and Anat Baniel therapies.  You can see my reviews under both categories.

I look forward to getting to know all of you and learning from your experiences.


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