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So I am doing some general essential oil research (non-SB related) and I am wondering what oils you use on a weekly or monthly basis and what you use it for.  I’ll looking for very successful remedies for very common problems.

I’ll start.  I use lavender for burns, peppermint for headaches, clove for toothaches, menthol for growing pains and tea tree for fungal issues, dandruff & acne.

I know lemon and oregano are very popular, but I have never used them.  Does anyone use them and if so, for what?


  • Oh, duh, and helichrysum for scarring.

  • doTerra AromaTouch–achy legs/knees


    Oregano–diffuse after the baby chicks were in my laundry room!

    Native American Nutritional–Immune Strength to diffuse and put on feet when fighting colds, etc

    Native American Helichrysum–rub on legs as a nervine.

    Juniper–bought to rub over bladder but have not tried yet.

    I have been using “Scaring Reducing Herbal Cream, Quantum Derma” and it seems to be working better for scars than the essential oils, for C at least.

  • We don’t use these very extensively. Mostly we have verty little need (knock wood).

    I use oil in the cloth wipes warmer to keep wipes fresh and pervent something unwanted from growng. Either lavender, or tea tree.

    I also diffuse them through the house regularly. A lemon and ginger combo is one of my favorites. I also like plumrosa. We use birch and Eucalyptus as well as various decongestant blends if they are stuffy noses running around.

    I also have a small container of coconut oil blended with frankincense, tea tree and lavender for minor skin irritations etc.

    That’s about it right now.

  • So which is best doterra living young Rocky Mountain many different manufacturers out there.

    • I’m not that much of a purist. And I’m not super keen on the MLM aspect of some. I use what I can get easily and have never found one to be notably superior to another.

  • I agree with MrsK. I have always used whatever brand was available at the health food store, mostly NOW brand. And I have seen powerful results. I even mixed up my own batch of Thieve’s Oil using NOW brand oils to get rid of a mold problem after our carpet got flooded. I bought some books and watched some videos and the evidence was very compelling. Thieve’s Oil kills mold spores. And it worked. That’s a pretty big task to ask from a supposedly inferior brand, but it met the challenge.

    I would say to check to make sure the oil is 100%. My hot oils from NOW are diluted in olive oil. But I would prefer to be given the pure oil and do my own dilution.

    Regarding the brands you mentioned. I haven’t done any research on Rocky Mountain, but I think the other two are very similar. I’ve heard arguments why one is better than the other, but it all sounded like marketing to me.

    I do think those three therapeutic brands are higher quality, maybe sourced better, extracted with a better process, probably more concentrated and effective. So if I was wanting to use it for something critical, I would probably buy a therapeutic brand. I have only done that once, with my helichrysum for my son’s burn on his face and to use as a test on Pooka’s legs.

    So there’s my two cents. I do think the therapeutic brands are higher quality, but I think the lower quality works just fine for common household tasks.

  • My must have for sb related things is a roller ball with 30 drops oregano and 15 drops of thieves filled the rest of the way with carrier oil. L caths and when we notice his pee is cloudy or he complains that it hurts we put it on his bladder area and on the soles of his feet every time he caths. It may take up to a week but it gets rid of UTIs. Its amazing!

  • And as far as brands go, I used health food store brands for years but switched to young living about a year ago. I didn’t think I would but I can tell a difference in effectiveness. That being said, I HATE the MLM aspect and I hate that they’re so expensive so if cost is an issue, if just go with what you can afford.

  • This might be long but here is my list of uses (i’m not listing the general use stuff, but I look up pretty much any/every ailment and try EOs for them)

    Diaper Cream Recipe
    ½ cup shea butter
    ¼ cup extra virgin coconut oil
    1Tbsp beeswax
    10 drops lavender
    8 drops melaluca

    Juniper Berry
    carrier oil

    UTI Treatment Blend
    Frankincense 2 drops
    Lemongrass 2 drops
    Melaluca 6 drops

    Constipation Blend
    5 drops Wild Orange
    4 drops DigestZen
    3 drops Coriander
    3 drops Lemon
    2 drops Black Pepper
    1 drop Peppermint
    4 oz. Fractionated Coconut Oil

    Nerve Regeneration Blend (back oil)
    • 5 parts – Helichrysum
    • 3 parts – Cypress
    • 8 parts – Geranium
    • 2 parts – Juniper
    • 1 part – Peppermint
    3-4 drops topically to the area

    Asthma Blend
    1-2 drops lime
    2-3 breathe
    Put in diffuser

  • Thanks everyone for your recommendations & recipes. I have heard multiple people say that they could tell a difference with the therapeutic brands. So I think I am going to slowly convert to doTerra as I run out of NOW.

    Hey Lauren, if you see this, I would love to hear how you specifically saw a difference once you switched to Young Living.

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