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At Kennedy Krieger Institute, who specialize in paralysis rehabiliation, it seems their perspective is to keep your body as healthy and muscles as stimulated as possible, and wait for science (stem cells) to catch up. The doctor I spoke with there did not think that the treatments in Mexico were doing anything. Articles like this are really encouraging. If we can make the most of what our kids have now, who knows what could happen?


  • This is AMAZING! I’ve now read and watched quite a few articles and videos about this.

    What struck me was to have the world’s leading spinal cord experts saying that they have been waiting for this their whole careers.

    It’s so interesting that the olfactory bulbs are the ONLY cells in the nervous system that are continually regenerating. Wow, that provides so much hope for the future.

  • Yes, I have been trying to evaluate how excited about this I should be. One article I read compared it to putting a man on the moon, so I figure this must be pretty significant. Of course, researchers will probably do many studies on spinal cord injury patients long before Spina Bifida but regardless, its very encouraging!

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