So this isn’t so much about SB, but we have all the right folks here to ask.

My 3 year old has just begun presenting with eczema.  It doesn’t run in my family, but there is some in his dad’s family ( a cousin).  Started a month ago maybe, just on the backs of his knees and, to be honest, I’ve been a little dismissive.  I’ve kept some sort of cream on it and tried to keep him in soft clothes (no jeans) and gone on about my day.  But, you knew there was a but, he’s started to get little patches further up his legs and as of about three days ago he’s getting red, itchy hands.  During the day they don’t seem to bug him but unless I load him up with some benadryl, they keep him from resting at night.  Instead he’s half awake scratching and rubbing and tossing and turning.

We’ve used Aveeno (not the most natural), some various organic creams and coconut oil.

Poor baby.  Any ideas?


  • My very first thought is gluten.

    But before you think I’m crazy, I have to tell you that I am NOT one of those people who believes that EVERYONE should stop eating ANYTHING.

    I believe that God created all foods for our health and enjoyment. But foods have been affected by the fall too. If we were to stop eating imperfect foods, we would have to just stop eating.

    I’ve heard arguments why nobody should eat this food or that food. Pork & shellfish – bottom feeders that eat garbage. Fish – wild or farmed? Farmed eat their own waste. Wild are contaminated by pollutants & heavy metals. I have a friend who won’t touch beef and I can’t even tell you why. Our family as a whole eats everything. Well, except oysters. OK, I lied, nobody should eat oysters, but that has nothing to do with health, but sanity! 😉

    So back to gluten. I have a friend whose son struggles with terrible eczema and it goes away if he goes off gluten and comes back if he eats gluten. He can tolerate a little once in a while, but if they attempt to reintroduce it into his regular diet the eczema returns with a vengeance.

    I wanted to give you some website links, but there are too many good ones. Just google gluten & eczema. Eczema is also linked to dairy. But I lean toward gluten because of it’s role in leaky gut, which causes inflammation, allergies & autoimmune responses.

    Dr. Mercola has a ton of articles on both causes and remedies to eliminate the itch.

    Hope this helps.

  • My nephew and a baby cousin both struggle with eczema. My boys have it mildly but they also have asthma and ezcema and asthma often go hand in hand. Anyway, I swear by Miracle Cream. Here’s an article and recipe: I keep this made up at my house. I have also been known to run it to a friend’s house for different skin conditions. Let me know if you try it. I love Frankincense, it makes everything work better, but it is pricey. When I can’t afford it, I make the cream without it and it still works great.

    • Thanks!! I might just try that this weekend. Poor little guy! Itchy hands is just maddening.

      Tspar, I plan to give the gluten a test too, but probably not over the holiday weekend. At first I thought it might be milk, but that is definitely not the culprit.

      He’s actually doing a bit better. I hate using the benadryl, but it really seems to make a difference at night, and enough sleep has such an impact on everything, including this!

      Thanks ladies.

  • I know several of you have talked about buying essential oils, and of course you know I am big believer in doTERRA’s products. I am running a special this weekend if anyone is interested. I love getting free stuff, plus saving 25% on all my essential oils and doTERRA products. Here is the link to my FB page so you can read the promotions yourself. Let me know if you have questions.

  • While we’re getting updates, how is you little one’s eczema, MrsK?

  • It comes and goes. The pedi suggested aquaphor, which isn’t exactly all natural, but honestly, so far its done the best job. He’s still plenty dry and scaly, but the angry red is gone.

    It really seems to flare when he’s had a stressful day. (Not surprising.) Unfortunately, you know. THREE. So, we have a lot of those. Poor babe…

  • I meant to say, Wellspring Hope, that I haven’t tried your recipe. Plain cocount oil hasn’t really helped and I haven’t yet got my hands on all the oils. I’m actually hoping to be gifted some this weekend. So, more to come…

  • So I DID get the oils, and mixed this up. It smells delightful! It might be making some difference. At least, our improvements seem consistent and he’s not flaring back up if we don’t apply on schedule. That’s something. He complains that it hurts. I think it may sting, or at least tingle, a little.

    I’m going to persist with it a bit longer and see what happens.

  • This article just came into my inbox. I found the title more interesting than the article itself. MrsK, I thought you would be interested too. At least in the title.

  • It is interesting. It also seems like a much bigger treatment that I’d want to chase after.

    As it happens, we have come across a solution that works well for us. This soap has completely rescued little man. In 4 baths he’s 95% clear. We continue to use the miracle cream mentioned above. He even asks for it now! But the soap has made for a much speedier recovery!! Its full of lovely ingredients and the PZ that is in it, is limited but seems to be just enough.

  • I was mostly interested to hear how and why they determined it to be autoimmune, but the article didn’t really address it. I wasn’t at all interested in hearing about their new drug.

    The soap looks great. I love that it has emu oil in it! I use emu oil all the time.

  • It almost read like the big thrill was the new drug, not the actual source issue. Goofy!

    What else do you use the emu oil for?

  • Its a natural topical antibiotic. So I use it where one would normally use Neosporin.

    It is also great for healing burns. I used it for the final stages of healing of my son’s burns

  • So, I know this is a really old post, but I wanted to update it just in case it is helpful to someone in the future.

    We have tried everything previously listed here and then some. Most things provided a temporary improvement, but soon things were back to the same ‘ole. Some didn’t really help at all.

    Then a couple months ago hubs was reading something online and came across Body Glide. It’s an anti chafing balm that is very popular with runners etc.

    It has been AMAZING.

    J is happy because it isn’t sticky or gooey, things he’s come to hate. It doesn’t sweat off, and it doesn’t have any real scent. But ladies, he is back to 90% of his pre eczema days. It’s pretty grand.

    I don’t pretend to know why this has worked when other things haven’t. But it does.

    Hope that helps someone down the line.

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