Diaper Rash Wound Care

Antibiotics are very effective at protecting our little ones by killing infection causing bacteria, but unfortunately they also kill the friendly bacteria, called “flora,” that live in our children’s intestines. These friendly bacteria normally regulate the consistency of the stools and help with digestion. Eliminating these bacteria can cause the stools to become loose, watery, and more frequent. You can expect this to happen to some degree during and after your child’s NICU stay. Giving your child probiotics can help minimize the diarrhea that causes the diaper rash.

Antibiotics cause two different types of diaper rash:
CONTACT RASH – caused when loose stools irritate baby’s bottom.
Appearance: flat, red, irritated skin. When severe, skin will peel or blister and slough off.
FUNGAL/YEAST RASH – caused by the absence of intestinal flora, which allows yeast (fungus) to overgrow in the intestines. This yeast comes out in the stool causing a rash.
Appearance: red, raised, patchy rash with sharp borders, mostly over the genitalia but with satellite spots sprinkled around the diaper area.

Please use this page to review the various creams, barrier products, diapers, wipes & healing techniques that you have used to effectively combat your little one’s diaper rashes.

Diaper Rash Wound Care
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Diaper cream and cloth diapers

I swear by cloth diapers. Not only does it greatly reduce the incidence of diaper rash, but also help reduce waste and reduce cost. Cloth diapering these days is very, very simple - no more diaper pins and folding! Seriously soooooo easy! When there is diaper rash, you can still use diaper creams, but have to be careful to not get the creams onto the diaper (some of them can damage the wicking/drying ability of the diaper). I just put a single Via paper towel between the diaper and baby to protect the diaper when using creams. My LO recently had a fungal diaper rash after being on mega antibiotics for a presumptive UTI. My favorite cream to use was a mixture of Critic-Aid (by Coloplast), any OTC anti-yeast cream (like Vagisil), and hydrocortisone. I hated using medicated ointment, but it cleared the rash up quickly, so I could go right back to plain cloth diapers without the paper towel and only natural creams when needed.
- Tracy

White Vinegar for Yeast

Instead of using an OTC yeast product, like Monistat, I just put white vinegar in my wipes box and it clears it up just as fast.
- TSpar

Miracle Cream with Essential Oils

I swear by this recipe for EVERYTHING. Pressure sores, diaper rash, cuts and scrapes, eczema, etc. Miracle Cream 1/2 C. Coconut Oil 15 drops dōTERRA Melaleuca Essential Oil 15 drops dōTERRA Lavender Essential Oil 15 drops dōTERRA Frankincense Essential Oil
- Lydia Wells


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