Coordination, Balance & your Brain – ABM

This video has been circulating on the Anat Baniel (ABM) FB groups.

And I’m always looking for more concrete ways to both understand & explain how ABM works.

This is a fascinating story! You need to watch it all the way to the end!

I’ve been thinking about this video for days. I never really thought about the complexity of riding a bike or how about just walking. How do we stay upright and balanced with so many things going on? It really is profound if you think about it.

And this is what ABM is all about – teaching the brain how to make movement & coordination & balance easier. One of the FB posters posed the question, “How would Anat speed up this process?”

And this is where I still don’t understand ABM. I have a better appreciation for how complex movement is, but I still don’t understand how or why ABM works. And how did Mosche & Anat figured the whole thing out in the first place? What is it that they do to make the connections in the brain?

I don’t know, but I’ve seen it work. I need to reread the books. I read them when I was still pregnant with little Pooka.

Though I don’t understand it YET, I have a new found appreciation for the brain and it’s ability to learn. And I’m grateful to Anat Baniel & Mosche Feldenkrais for their work in brain plasticity & movement. Fascinating. At least to me! 🙂

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