Constipation Hey I’m back sorry it has been so long since I posted even off the MiraLAX however her stoles are a little hard.

Eve is off miralax and her stools are hard.  I have her on natural calm mag 1/8 tsp per day. 5ml molasses  fruit ease 1 tsp twice a day. And probiotic.  She is one.  I was going to up the mag to 1/4 tsp however I read that molasses has mag in it among other things like ca iron etc.  I am nervous about giving too much mag it is not water soluble and u can take too much however most of us r deficient not sure what to do ? I haven’t added fish oil yet but I bought it. Also I am using hemp milk because I read most people who r allergic to cow milk allergic to goat milk and she was having allergy symptoms on cow and goat milk.  Any suggestions on how much I should increase mag or molasses thanks


  • Hi Jennifer,

    I just got home from a long day of running errands and saw your most recent comment to Carey about Lili’s age. She was 7 at the time of the post, but may be 8 by now.

    As a frame of reference for you, our naturopath has Pooka (16 months old) on 100mg of a different kind of magnesium (for health, not for bowels) in addition to her full 1 Tbsp of molasses a day. So that’s a lot more magnesium than you are doing. And she is a picture of health.

    I would increase one at a time so that you know which one is working. I know molasses works for me, so I personally would up that one. And nothing less than 1 Tbsp works for us. I have tried to reduce it.

    But Carey & MrsK have both seen results from Calm, so that could work just as well for you.

    If flavor is an issue, upping the Calm might be easier?

    Please keep us posted. I don’t know if you saw my post last night, but I am trying to develop an easily implemented bowel program, so any and all feedback is helpful.

    Off to make dinner.


  • Oh and definitely add the fish oil. It is a lubricant laxative. My theory is the more types of laxatives the better – water, fiber, lubricant, stimulant. They simulate the normal function of the bowel.

  • Thanks so much. I will increase molasses and I added the fish oil. I will let u know results. She has had one bm today soft but formed. Think it needs to be little softer. She is one and weaning off formula so we were doing goat milk from whole foods but she looked like allergy stuff going on like red eyes dry cough so I a changed to hemp milk do u know anything about that? She was breast fed for about one month but then she stated aspirating so we had to do formula with thicken. Probably part of her problem. Or should I find somewhere that sells raw milk ? Like unpastorised ? R u giving poka the triphala yet?

  • Yes, I would try again with raw (if it is legal in your state). Raw, unpasteurized has all the enzymes that can make all the difference. But you may find she reacts the same, in which case you will know for sure.

    I say this because we have a farmer friend who always challenges lactose intolerant people to try his fresh non-homogenized non-pasteurized raw cow milk. And he swears he has never had anyone have a reaction. He says that people have problems with lactose because store bought milk lacks the enzymes to metabolize it properly. Pretty interesting, I thought!

    I tried the Triphala yesterday, first in the product I mentioned (with the magnesium and all the other herbs) – tasted terrible. Nothing would mask the taste. So I went back to town and bought triphala by itself and tried it as well. Same thing. I think the triphala is the strongest flavor in the other product.

    But I found a company that sells a flavored powdered version, so I ordered it and am going to see how that works. I am going to post all about it in a separate post.

  • Ok I am getting nervous yest she pooped three time soft but round pieces. I really don’t want to give her miralax and just up the mag and molasses one yest and one day before and started fish oil. Maybe I should give her an EnemA just to get her cleaned out good so we can start fresh with natural stuff? Any thoughts

  • If those pieces were soft, I would continue as you are for a few more days and see what happens. It can take two or three days for the increases you’ve made to impact her.

    Don’t panic.

  • What did you increase & by how much?

  • Fish oil 1/2 tsp a day started for first time yest
    Fruit ease 1 tsp a day
    I increased molasses from 1 tsp to 2 tsp but she wouldn’t take it all so say to 1 1/2 tsp a day
    I increase mag that naturally calm from 1/8 tsp to 1/4 tsp
    The bottle says mix with 2 oz water but I mixed with 2 oz water and organic pear juice maybe I shouldn’t have done that?
    Probiotic for baby
    She gets one 8 oz bottle half water and half organic pear juice a day
    Breakfast she eats oatmeal on weekend eggs I bought organic blueberry pancakes but haven’t given them yet
    Lunch baby food – sweet potatoes or apples or apple and blueberry and peaches and rasins
    Snack raisins few Cheerios few organic corn puffs
    If she get yogurt it’s goat yogurt and I bought some coconut yogurt but haven’t tried that
    Dinner- organic squash or sweet potatoes fries or green beans or English peas meat- chicken or chicken nuggets no antibiotics used
    She loves to eat
    I gave her Mac and cheese a few times and realized real quick not to give her that again
    I am new to eating healthly but I am trying thanks for all the help

  • Oh I forgot to mention she turned one and we r almost off baby formula and she gets about 3 oz of hemp milk in am and in pm but hemp milk says easy digestible proteins ?

    • I have never used hemp milk. I’ve probably used every other milk on the market – soy, rice, almond, cashew, mixed nut. But I’ve never been drawn to the hemp. Did you buy it just because it said “easily digestible proteins” or because someone recommended it?

      What state are you in? I’ll look up the raw goat milk laws for you.

      • I just read it wa easy to digest an it’s closest in protein and nutrients to reg milk. But maybe I should change back to goat milk or Try coconut milk? I increased mag to 1/4 tsp twice a day I think it helped little but she screams out in pain some like her stomach is cramping. ? Maybe I should stay at 1/4 tsp per day she is one ?

        • We experienced some stomach pain in conjunction with an increase in magnesium. Since, for us, it was all that had changed I felt confident it was the magnesium. If I were in your place I’d stick to the lower dose, or only increase it by 1/2 (to 3/8ths a tsp).

      • Oooh, poor girl. It’s so hard when they can’t tell us what’s wrong. Do you think it’s gas or straining for constipation?

        I give Pooka this ginger tea every time she appears to have stomach pain and it has settled her down every time.

        It dissolves in cold water and I give it to her in her bottle. She drinks very little, but it seems to really help and pretty quickly too, but I can’t know for sure.

        Interesting, I didn’t know that about hemp milk. I don’t think coconut milk would be better then, but I do think goat milk would be better, if she tolerates it. It is definitely both higher in protein and a more complete protein.

        How have her bowels been the past few days?

        Were you able to try the enema?

  • Hi Jennifer,

    I just wanted to add that if you think she is constipated, I would not feel bad intervening (miralax, senna, suppositories, enemas–not all but maybe one of those) and then you can work to get back on track with the natural stuff. If she is already constipated, it may be hard make a major impact by just tweaking your regiment. She may need to be cleared out first.

    • I just called pharm to get baby enema I am going to give that I think that’s a great idea get her cleaned out and get back on track thank u. Does anyone have any experience with hemp milk ?

  • I am frustrated. Now eve won’t take fruit ease and only 1 tsp of molasses a day mixed in oatmeal When she was taking 2 tsp of molasses and fruit ease and probiotic and fish oil and mag her poop was soft but in pieces or balls or smushed in diaper like play doh. So now it’s probably gonna get worse. I am gonna add vit c tonight. Also even though she goes multiple time a day and some decent size pieces formed soft her tummy looks and feel full. I am gonna give her dose of senna tonight to clean her out from top enema helped but I think only the descending colon. I have read about aloe water should i add that I don’t think we r gonna get anymore benefit from current stuff and I can’t up dose cause she won’t take or up mag cause of cramps.

  • Also found raw cow milk not to far from Augusta ga but not goat milk ?

  • On a positive note God answers pray eve MRI stable releases for one year just saw neuro at vandy in way home eve is 13 month no shunt no etv.

  • While we try to go as naturally as possible with bowel routines (my daughter is 4 and we give senna and enemas), in my opinion, keeping her unconstipated is more important for long term health than the possible side effects of miralax or any other medication. So, if you are finding that the natural solutions are not cutting it right now, I would just worry about cleaning her out and then after you are sure she is unconstipated, try to work back in some natural solutions and see if you can at least lower the medications. We have previously given medications for bowels that I wish I didn’t have to give her but we necessary at the time. Sorry it been a struggle to find what works for Eve. I completely understand–bowels can be so frustrating.

  • Yeah for a good MRI report. That’s amazing that she has been able to stabilize without the need for an ETV or shunt! Yeah!!!

    Camilla, how early can you start senna? Can you give us a rundown of the basic protocol? Brands, dosages, warnings, etc.

  • I’m really not sure if a 1 year old can start senna or not. That would be a good question to ask on the baby center or a facebook forum with more people. I know we started before 2 yrs but I can’r remember how many months past one year. Most liquid/syrup sennas all have the same potency. The back of the bottle has recommendations for 2 yrs and older. Off the top of my head, I would start somewhere around 1 ml but I know it really varies per child how much is needed.

    A side note, our local hospital who generally advocate senna and no miralax still use miralax for “clean outs” and then resume senna. My daughter did do a miralax clean out once. I think they use it for the clean outs because it really helps to soften stool that is stuck up in the colon and then once the impaction is cleared out, they use senna to keep the stool moving along through the colon.

  • Ok I feel little better I am gonna give her little senna the dose say 1.25 to 2.25 so I am gonna give 1 ml and I think just very little miralax just to soften little and get her cleaned out then maybe I can keep her go in on natural plus like few time week little senna. I just really wanted to do all natural The Bowles are the most frustrating thing with SB thanks so much. Any thoughts on aloe water

    • Also we r missing a natural stimulant in the mix. She is on molasses an mag to soften and not soft enough so I am gonna add little vit c. On fish oil to lubricate. And it’s working well stool looks greezy. Also on probiotic. So I néed to add cape aloe ? Triphala ? Aloe water ?

    • Senna is a natural stimulant laxative.

      Here is my advice, but I’ll be anxious to see what others think as well.

      1) I think you should go the senna route for right now. Dose up on Senna until you feel like you have reached a good place.

      2) Then once you are stable on Senna, back off of Miralax slowly, tweaking the senna if necessary. (Assuming you are still using Miralax at that point.)

      3) In the meantime I would not change anything else. Maintain your current doses of all other supplements and don’t add anything else to the mix.

      4) Once you are stabilized on senna, without Miralax, you can start playing with doses again, perhaps even trying the Triphala product.

      I just think you need to find a stable place and I think senna can get you there the fastest.

      Regarding aloe water, unfortunately I don’t know anything about it.

      • Thank u sooo much I was felling so overwhelmed and frustrated I needed a plan thank u. I am gonna do exactly that. I just have the senna 1 ml and I am gonna keep all natural stuff the same. We had already stopped the miralax a week ago just cold turkey that may have been out whole problem I didn’t know to wean it until I read ur post somewhere else on site. Thank u I just wanted to give up

      • Aw, I’m so glad it encouraged you. This whole bowel thing can be pretty frustrating, for sure!

        Please keep us posted.

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