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I told TSpar I’d post about what I know re conductive ed. Sorry it took so long, but we only now were able to connect to 2 conductors and talk it through a little. Basically, it began in Hungary, and there is where is all but remained. Most conductors, as they call themselves, in the USA are Hungarian, but more recently they have been training American conductors. There are centers scattered around the country. It’s exclusively for CP and SB chidlren. I’m not sure about the overall theory, except that it’s a whole way of life. I spoke to 2 conductors: One said she was with her patients 24/7, which is consistent with what our orthopedist told us about them: It’s like having a Hungarian olympic coach living with your child. And another conductor (who worked at a center) seems to be a purist, saying that real conductive ed is meant to happen in a group setting with a group of conductors.

That particular center sees very few SB kids, as they mainstream quite early. Even in Hungary, nowadays, in a class at the Peto (the institute that certifies these conductors), there might be 2 SB kids out of 12 or so, “due to various reasons.”

Personally, we were looking into this because a peer had spoken to someone else who had said that they brought their son to Hungary for this therapy, and now he is an adult with full continence. My understanding of conductive ed in this regard is that the kids learn to use secondary feelings to understand their body and when they need to go, etc.

I hope this is helpful to someone. 🙂


  • This is SO interesting. I want more details on HOW they “use secondary feelings to understand their body and when they need to go.”

    Are you going to pursue it? Is there a center near you?

  • No centers near us! Which is odd since NYC is the epicenter of the universe and all 😉

    We are still weighing all the options and deciding whether or not to pursue it. IF we do, it may just be for the summer, as we’d have to uproot our whole family and move out to wherever center we decide on. Would cost $$$ to rent a house or something for any duration. So the live-in is also something we’re thinking about.

    My impression on how they accomplish that is just through talking and helping the child be self-aware of what he’s feeling through different exercises. Lots of breathing.

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