One of the first thing that many newly diagnosed parents attempt to find are pictures and stories of children who have diagnoses similar to their own. Finding blogs and pictures are easy, but finding them with similar lesion levels can be difficult and time-consuming.

Having said that, it is important to understand that just because two children have the same defect level, does NOT mean they will have the same function level. This has come to be known as the “snowflake effect,” meaning no two children have the exact same functionality.

Nonetheless, the ability to find happy, healthy, functional children with similar diagnoses can provide immeasurable comfort and hope to newly diagnosed parents.

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Bella, 05/12/2009, Diastematomyelia, Thoracic, VPShunt

Annabelle, 08/07/2008, myelo, T5, VPShunt

Simeon, 05/23/2012, myelo, L1, VPShunt

Greyson, 02/12/2009, myelo, L2, VPShunt

Nate, Fetal Surgery, 06/25/2006, myelo, L2, ETV/CPC

Ireland, 03/2003, myelo, L2-3, VPShunt

Mira, 01/21/2007, myelo, L2-3, VPShunt

Jacy, Fetal Surgery, 03/23/2005, myelo, L3-5, Subdural Shunt

Tanner, 12/15/2008, myelo, L3-S3, VPShunt

Annabelle, 07/29/2009, myelo, L4, VPShunt

Darren, 06/04/2014, myelo, L4, NO Shunt

Grayden, Fetal Surgery, 09/19/2010, myelo, L4, VPShunt

Madison, 06/25/2009, myelo, L4, VPShunt

Liv, 02/07/2012, myelo, L4-ish, VPShunt

Madison Hope, 01/10/2009, myelo, L4-5, VPShunt

Lauren, 09/20/2003, myelo, L4-5, VPShunt

Brenden, 03/02/2008, myelo, L4-S1, VPShunt

Zelie, 12/01/2013, myelo, L4-S2, ETV/CPC

Carl James, 05/31/2007, myelo, L4-S5, VPShunt

Lucy, 12/22/2009, Lipomyelomeningocele, L5, No Shunt

Ruth, Fetal Surgery, 07/22/2010, myelo, L5, ETV/CPC

Silas, 10/2009, myelo, L5, ETV/CPC & VPShunt

Wyatt, 01/02/2009, myelo, L5, VPShunt

Hayden, 02/24/2009, myelo, L5-S1, VPShunt

Korie, 02/06/2014, myelo, L5-S1, ETV/CPC

Kemper, 11/22/2010, myelo, S1, VPShunt

Nickolas, 12/13/2009, myelo, S1, VPShunt

Kingsley, 01/15/2010, myelo, S1-2, VPShunt

Beckett, 06/30/2010, myelo, S2, VPShunt