Been off Miralax for over a week

A friend of mine has a niece with GI problems (no SB) and she sees a naturopathic doctor who recommended a product for constipation. It’s called “Natural Calm Relaxing Magnesium Supplement” made by Natural Vitality. You can get it on Amazon or most drug stores. I have tried EVERYTHING to get Lili off Miralax and her stimulant laxatives but nothing has worked. I still have to give her a senna about 3 times a week and maybe ducolax once a week, but I have not given her Miralax in 8 days and she has gone every day except one (that day followed a day she went 5 times and had watery stool so I had to back off the product a bit). I was goving her 1.5 tsp twice a day buut now am down to 1 tsp. twice a day. So far it is working so I thought I would post it’s worth a try if you are looking for an alternative to miralax. I mix mostly with water and a splash of lemonade. I get it in the raspberry lemonade flavor but I think there is a non-flavored one out there too.


  • Yeah for Lili! Sounds like maybe the combination of senna and magnesium is doing the trick. I find that very interesting.

    I can’t get away from that quote I keep mentioning from the lady with neurogenic bladder from MS, β€œMagnesium helps to retain water in the bowel, which makes waste easier to pass. Cape aloe, rhubarb and triphala help to stimulate and strengthen bowel contractions. Marshmallow and slippery elm help to soothe and lubricate the bowel.”

    I would like to know if this is a good summary of bowel function. If so, perhaps providing supplementation to support each function might produce better results than just one by itself.

    So where does senna fit in? Does it stimulate and strengthen bowel contractions?

    I have a lot more learning to do before I better understand this whole bowel thing.

    Sorry to hijack your post. I’m just thinking *outloud.* πŸ™‚

    I’m just so glad you have found something that is working for Lili!!!!


  • I’ve been thinking about you and wondering how Lili is doing? Is the senna/magnesium combo still working?

    • For the most part. Lili has become impacted probably 3 times since we switched to the magnesium (3 months ago), but two of them have been after we started seeing a naturopathic doctor who switched her meds up and I think we just haven’t found the right dosages. So she has had miralax probably 4-6 days in the past 3 months, not bad!
      Thanks for checking in, how are y and your little one?

  • I’m so glad to hear it! Yeah!

    I’m trying to scale back on molasses and dose up on magnesium myself right now. I’m curious what dose Lili takes? Can you tell me how many mg of Calm you give her per day? (For example, my Natural Calm says 2 tsp is equivalent to 350 mg.)

    We are doing very well. Pooka finally has a good set of AFOs and is finally playing around with the idea of weight bearing! Other than that, nothing new on our front. She is healthy and thriving.

    Thanks for your help on the magnesium!


    • Hi! I give Lili 1 tsp (or 175 mg) in the morning and 1/2 tsp (or 87.5 mg) after school every day.
      Glad to hear your LO is doing well! I’ll send good walking thoughts your way!

      • Just curious how old lilli is I am trying to find out how much to increase eve mag she is a year and I was giving 1/4 tsp a day and its not working.

        • Lili is 7.5 yrs and I have her on 1 tsp Calm (just the regular, no calcium) in the morning and 0.5 tsp in the afternoon. But I also alternate 2 senna and one dulcolax every morning (mon, wed, fri, sun = 1 dulcolax. Tues, thurs, sat = 2 senna) when she gets backed up, I sometimes have to go back on miralax for a cleanout but have been successful in giving 1 extra tsp mag drink.

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