Aroma Touch Technique and Paraffin Wax Treatments

Poor circulation and muscle/joint aches and pains come with the SB territory. Did you know that there are wonderful treatments that can help?  AromaTouch Technique is a wonderful way to spend quality time with your child, you can certainly learn to do it yourself.  You can also find a certified masseuse who specializes in this in your area. This technique can help with circulation and pain. Learn more here:

I also really love paraffin wax treatments for my daughters. The color of Lauren’s legs, as well as the temperature upon touch, was greatly improved after her first treatment. She loved feeling so spoiled and pampered. I had always heard of getting paraffin hand treatments when getting a manicure, but was really surprised when the owner of our local spa and salon suggested the treatment for Lauren’s legs. We are so blessed to have a spa owner with a medical background! She has been a gift from God! She and her assistant make Lauren feel so special when she goes for her treatments. Lauren’s legs had a couple of scratches on them, and I truly believe they healed much faster after that first treatment. Lauren also has very rough knees, like sandpaper, from scooting on them up stairs and kneeling so much. The paraffin treatment really helped with this also. Now that Lauren is sitting and standing more typically, she was ready to be done with that rough skin, even though it was a protection for her legs during her less mobile days.

You can learn more at my recent post at


  • Thanks so much for the info! We have been told by our acupuncturist to keep Claire’s legs very warm and encourage circulation. One of the acupuncturists wears wool/knee high socks during the summer–I can’t imagine! We currently do Moxabustion and I do massages on her with tei fu lotion. However, I am really interesting in learning more about incorporating essential oils and the paraffin sounds awesome too–I’ll look at the links, thanks!

  • Hi Lydia,

    Ok, I’m on your doTerra site and I have a bunch of questions.

    If I were to start massaging Tillian’s legs myself. What oil blend would you recommend? Kelly recommended rosemary, lavender, citrus & myrrh. What do you use? I’m going to have to look up tei fu lotion, Camilla!

    Also, I own the Aroma Ace. This is what I used with the Thieve’s Oil to get rid of the mold after we flooded a few years ago. But I’m wondering how I could use it in a cost effective way to protect my family from sickness in the fall and winter months. I feel like it goes through the oil SO FAST! And doTerra oil is SO EXPENSIVE.

    But the most pressing question of my day is. . . WHY DON’T THEY SELL EGG NOG ALL YEAR LONG??? She says as she sips her egg nog coffee! Ahhhhhh……


    • Tina, I just order the one bottle of AromaTouch (under the oil blends) since it incorporates basil, grapefruit, cypress, marjoram, peppermint, and lavender. I am going to look up that lotion also, since I’ve never heard of it!

      Ok, so here’s my little secret, haha! I use the Greenair Vapor Spa Diffuser from Amazon. I think I paid $30 for it. I diffuse oils every day and have had this diffuser for a year now. I know the doTERRA diffusers are awesome, but not in my budget:) I fill my diffuser with water, and add a couple of drops of whatever oil I’m using. So just a few drops at a time, and we don’t go through the oil quite so fast as some people do.

      doTERRA offers a wholesale membership for $35. There are no strings attached or quotas to buy, you can get 25% off your oils, AND the potential to earn free products. Most of my clients do this because once folks see the benefits of the oils, they want to keep them in stock and on hand for different issues. Here’s more info on the wholesale membership:

      We have a local farm that makes TO DIE FOR eggnog. I just don’t understand why it disappears after New Year’s. Probably because they care about my waistline. So kind of them.

  • You guys crack me up. We were actually in the grocery store the other day, pondering the “Pick Six” beer selection when I guy came up behind with lots of very helpful suggestions. (Works at World of Beer it seems). Anyway, at the end of the conversation he said he was there because he was looking for Eggnog. Loved it. Wanted some for the cool weather coming in and WHY oh WHY wasn’t it in stores all year long?!

    I said… Make your own.

    Oh yea… and thanks for the tip on the diffuser. Will have to check into it!

  • Thanks for the info on the wholesale membership. I will definitely look into that.

    And thanks for the egg nog recipe, MrsK. I just printed it. Your World of Beer friend is a wise, wise man.

    I always buy quite a few brands and do a taste test to figure out which one to buy for the season. So far there are only 2 brands on the shelf and the Southern Comfort brand wins hands-down. The other one tastes like vanilla milk.

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