am I doing the right thing? mixing natural suplements with Miralax

Finally I am writing a post about Santiago and his poop. This poop thing is driving me crazy

little backgroud: santiago is one of the loves of my life and has SB (LMM). He is almost 20 months, weights 20 pounds and it is not being catheterized . He has always struggle with constipation but lately has been out of control. I finally decided to give him Miralax, but I hate myslef for doing so. It has done its work, I’ve used him for clean-outs only. However, if I dont use it he is backed up again.

I started giving him Fruiteze and helped only for a couple of days, he started to get constipated again, I tried to give him more, plus , he takes D-mannose and probiotics. Nothing worked and he didnt go for 4 days and I panic. Back to the Miralax route. before that we tried diet, and molasses and prune juice …oh goshhh, this is very exhausting,

Since I started giving him Miralax again, I also introduce Magnesium Citrate. So I dont know if Miralax or magnesium did the trick. He has gone several times a day, peanut butter consistency, but (sorry about the description the stool is not tick is very thin when it comes out) and it seems that he doesn’t finish when he goes since when I clean him up I can still see poop inside,waiting to come out.

I DO really want to stop giving him miralax and only give him natural suplements. But this kid of mine, gets tired of the same taste or same things very easy and gives up so quickly. is it bad that I am mixing the miralax with the natural stuff? how and when do I get rid of miralax and leave the natural ones? should I increase dosage: here is my current routine and I am open to hear suggestions

in the morning :
1/2 tsp miralx
1/4 tsp probiotic
1/4 tsp D-mannose
1/8 tsp magnesium in his water for the day until I can increase it and he gets use to the taste
1/2 miralax
1/4 probiotic
1/4 D-mannose
I also give me fruiteze once in a while when he takes it
what do you think?
I am so afraid that he will neverΒ be able to go on his own..he is so active, I can’t imagine having him sitting for more that five minutes on the toilet to be able to start enemas (i don’t even see how they look like).
thanks in advance for your comments!


  • Adriana,

    Please, please don’t feel guilty about using Miralax!! It is there for a reason, it is effective, and is far better than having impactions/constipation that can damage the colon, bladder, etc. I am glad you are open and willing to try natural methods and I am confident that we can help you get Santiago on a natural remedy.

    Please correct me if I am wrong, but it sounds a bit like you are using Miralax to relieve constipation then stopping it all together, then he becomes constipated again? Now he is on a “maintenance” dose? My first recommendation is to not stop the Miralax all together until we have some of the natural remedies in place and you know you can give them (ie he will take them).

    When I weaned Caroline off Miralax (she was on it for 6 months when she was 4 to 10 months old), I slowly weaned over several weeks (maybe a month?). What worked for me might not work for you, but I will give you my protocol.

    First – start with what you are doing now as long as Santiago has good poops (my goal is formed but soft and squish BMs, kind of soft Play Doh or cookie dough consistency to peanut butter consistency). Keep in mind that their stools will change a bit with diet, just like ours do πŸ™‚ so it will always be a bit of a work in progress.

    Second – have a “goal” dose of whatever supplements you choose. Keep in mind that this is just a starting goal, which is largely a guess since all of our babies are affected differently. If you want to use what works for me since our babies are similar in age/size, I think that is fine (Caroline is 19 months, 24 pounds). Please also keep in mind that Caroline is still on breastmilk, so that probably helps her poops. Currently, Caroline takes:
    1 tablespoon powdered D-mannose
    1/4 teaspoon magnesium citrate
    1 teaspoon powdered probiotic
    2 tablets Theracran crushed up
    1 dropper full Cornsilk
    2.5 mL (1/2 teaspoon) blackstrap molasses
    10 mL (2 teaspoons) orange flavored emulsfied fish oil
    about 1/2 teaspoon Fruit Eze

    I mix all this up (powdered products first with some water then add the liquid products and Fruit Eze, which with enough mixing using a fork is able to be given by syringe) and give it all to her by syringe once daily. Sounds disgusting, but it actually is not horrible. She knows it is medicine and knows she has to take it. We walk around the house looking at different things and if she wants to go somewhere else (like outside or to pet the cat or whatever) then she has to take a syringe full to get the “reward”. Start slow and don’t force it, but reward him for taking it. Give throughout the day in little increments if needed. I always brush Caroline’s teeth shortly after she takes her meds due to the sugar. Also, use a syringe that does NOT have a rubber stopper. The ones that come with baby Tyelnol or other OTC fever reducers do not have a rubber stopper. This whole routine (mixing, giving) takes about 10 minutes. Well, unless my 4 year old helps, then it takes forever πŸ™‚

    Now – how to transition:
    Week 1 – give 75% of his current dose of Miralax and give about 25% of the “goal” natural remedy mixture (you only need to mix up about 1/4 of the mixture so you don’t waste it).
    Week 2 – give 50% Miralax and 50% natural remedy
    Week 3 – give 25% Miralax and 75% natural remedy
    Week 4 – give all natural remedy

    If at any time, Santiago is having constipation, then go back to what was working and try a slower weaning process such as not making changes for 2 weeks, or doing 90% Miralax/10% natural…you get the picture. It will take time for you to see the changes and figure out what Santiago needs.

    Also, if you see poop at his anus when you change him, then I would give a glycerin suppository. The cheapest way is to get a big bottle of glycerin (Amazon) and refill the little bulb syringes that come with the box that has a penguin on it by Fleet. This lubes up the poop and makes it slide right on out. I even palpate to see if Caroline has poop that is ready to come out (she has some anal tone so I can’t always see inside). You can palpate by gently pressing your finger just under his anus when he is laying on his back (kind of between his anus and his tail bone or back scar if that makes sense).

    How do you keep a wiggly toddler calm during all of this? Sometimes that is tricky, but Caroline, right now, LOVES those plastic easter eggs filled with “new” toys. She gets a couple of them at each diaper change and is thirlled to find the surprise! The new “toy” is usually a sticker, a crumpled up piece of paper, some random small-ish toy that I can find around the house to put in the egg, a blueberry or small cracker, etc.

    I hope this helps. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions and I also really look forward to hearing what others say as I am always looking to change my protocol to something that might be even better.


    • Thanks Tracy, I do always remember you since our kids are so close in age. I even followed the exercises that you provide me for his left foot. Hope that Caroline is doing amazing

      back to Santiago: thanks for the detail explanation, i will for sure try to follow your recommendation. This has been a nightmare for me. Yesterday. Santiago didn’t poop at all and I didn’t change anything, so this morning I had to double the dose for Miralax to one teaspoon

      I am giving him miralax to clean him out, should I be using more? I do stop when he starts getting very loose and keep with the natural stuff but he goes back again, so I shouldn’t stopped eh?…wow…I know that I am giving him low dose since I don’t want explosions of poop but I just don’t know if I am doing things right….

      I had a white board that I keep all what I am doing, and I did one side with my goal, and wrote down your routine to see if I can follow up. There is a problem, since santiago has been so much in antibiotics, he completely hates the syringe, he even cries when he sees it even when I am not giving medicine to him but his 5 year old sister. so how can I stop him from being afraid of it?. I do also need to divide in two doses since I work and I am mostly by myself since my husband travels lots, So I need a dose in the morning and afternoon. is your mixture lots? how many syringes do you give her daily? and my last question for now, what is theracran and corn silk?

      Thank you so so much for taking the time and helping me out

      • I would only make changes to his Miralax every 3 days, minimum. Miralax can take up to 3 days for full effect, so I think by starting and stopping it so abruptly you go between poop explosions and constipation without really knowing what is working or not. So, if 1/2 teaspoon twice daily is working for him, then reduce to 1/2 teaspoon in the morning and 1/4 teaspoon in the evening for 3-7 days until you know he is still pooping well. If that is working, then reduce to 1/4 teaspoon twice daily for another 3-7 days…etc until you have very gradually weaned him off of it. Same goes for having to increase the dose – try to rely on the glycerin suppositories first, but if that is not helpful, then I think a double dose of Miralax to “clean him out” is reasonable. The weaning process can likely only happen if/when you can get the other supplements in. If that proves to be more challenging, then you will need to depend on Miralax a while longer. That is ok!! We will get you there, it may just take some time (months).

        Syringe aversion can be tricky. I hate having to force anything, so I would not recommend doing it, but it is up to you. If it were me, I would get 5-10 syringes (any type is fine). I would have them out for him to play with, but not make a big deal about it. Just be playing…”Look Santiago, let’s play with this puzzle and these leggos and these stickers and, oh look, syringes, how fun!!”. Once he will pick them up and play with them or ignore them all together without throwing a fit, then maybe fill them with water and see if he will drink a sip? Or maybe just his milk/formula or something really special like juice/chocolate milk? Once that is going well, then try to sneak in a tiny bit of the natural mix or even just one thing? Just some ideas.

        Depending on how much water I add to thin out the mixture and make it easier to syringe feed, it usually comes to about 5 syringe fulls (each 5 mL).

        Theracran – cranberry supplement, great for bladder health, cuts down on UTIs
        Cornsilk – also a bladder supplement. TSpar knows more about this, I think.

        Hope this helps!

      • Boy this taste thing really makes it tricky, doesn’t it. Add a fear of the syringe and things get even trickier. I’m so sorry about this.

        I think Tracy’s advice is great. You need to get Santi to a stable place before trying to make adjustments.

        Please keep us posted. We are here to help.

        Oh and cornsilk is known to promote bladder health. Our ND has her on it. I don’t know that much more about it. Our ND mixes it up with some other herbs, like centella. But I don’t consider it crucial, like I do the d-mannose.

  • Thank you Tracy!!! I am in bed with the achey shakey flu.

    What she said for sure!

    I logged on to suggest that because it sounds like Santiago is prone to refusing foods, perhaps you might want to try the oral syringe method. You would explain to him that this is medicine and all the important things that go with that. Explain that it is non-negotiable and perhaps offer a reward when he cooperates. Make it quick and immediately follow it with his reward (something he loves).

    Going to crawl back under the covers for more aches & shakes now!

    • hope you feel better soon, you are such a big support…now my problem is to make him like the syringe. He is not vocal yet, no even few words. he talks a lot in his own language but we cant express verbally what he likes or dislikes, but screams so loud and have temper tantrums when he doesnt like something…so I need to approach with something that he would like or otherwise I will have to force him:(

  • So glad to see you here!! And I totally agree, you have nothing to feel guilty about. Nothing.

    Tracy’s advice is perfect. I have only one other comment about the products you are using, and that is that FruitEze is fiber. So too much of a dose will make things worse if he isn’t getting enough water in his colon (which is what Miralax, molasses and magnesium all do). Which is only to say, I wouldn’t increase that dose if he is showing signs of being constipated. I would keep it level and increase one of the other options.

    I think too that the comments about making it proper medicine and giving it to him via a syringe is good advice. And I really agree that using a suppository is a great idea to help keep things moving along.

    Don’t worry about enemas right now. Ultimately I think you will find they are easier, but he’s much younger than the average age for starting that. Don’t give yourself something else to worry about right now.

    Tspar- Feel better!!

  • I have been known to occasionally bribe Caroline with a miniature chocolate chip for taking her medicine πŸ™‚ She loves chocolate, unfortunately, like her mama. She rarely needs it as looking for deer and petting the cat is usually incentive enough.

    Hope the flu passes quickly TSpar!

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