About SBN

emailsSpina Bifida Naturally started as a handful of moms emailing one another about various aspects of their children’s health, and the treatments that they’d tried or heard about and wanted to try. This website was born out of the realization that there was simply too much information to be contained in a series of emails. There are no experts here, just parents who’ve cobbled together, from personal experience and professional articles, as much information as we have been able to find.

Spina Bifida Naturally parents are not opposed to modern medicine’s approach to Spina Bifida. We all owe our children’s beginnings to a good surgeon and all of us have a team of doctors to whom we entrust their ongoing care.  But in our search to do the best by our children, we often found that information on more natural, simple, integrative care was tricky to find. Information on various drugs and surgeries was easy enough to come by, but experiences with more alternative therapies or more basic, non-drug remedies was hard to uncover. By compiling all we can find and sharing our experiences we hope to make that task a little easier.

Whether you’re looking for an alternative to a proposed treatment, or just trying to investigate all the options available to your child, we are so glad to have you visit us.  Ultimately we all want exactly the same thing – healthy, sound children who are positioned to make the most of every ounce of their potential.  We consider it a privilege to help one another achieve that goal, no matter the paths we each take.

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