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Rather than continue the ABM discussion over on the bowel routine post, I thought I would create a new post here.

So I’m curious, did you see results early on and then they stopped?  And how is Lewis’ mobility now, if you don’t mind my asking?

The reason I am so curious is because there are SO FEW SBers doing ABM.  It’s pretty popular with CPers, but I’ve only ever heard of a handful of people with SB who have done ABM.  So I would love to hear your experience & opinion.


  • The thing I love about ABM is we aren’t aiming for results or fixing anything. My goal for L has always been to help him to be comfortable in his body and to use it to be independent. When I compare him to his peers who don’t do ABM, I see huge differences in how he holds himself and how he can move. He isn’t stuck in his body as some kids seem to be. My goal in doing ABM was never to make him walk. He doesn’t walk. He uses wheels outside the house and mainly scoots around inside. He probably could walk with KAFOs and a walker but it would really hold him back compared to how he gets around now, so it’s not something I’ve pushed. I’ve asked him if he wants to try to walk and he’s not interested. If that changes in the future, we can explore walking then.

    We actually have a lot of kids with SB around here who do ABM. Not as many as do traditional therapy, but still quite a few. They all seem to slow down and focus on other things around kindergarten, I’ve noticed. Maybe sensory issues or reading/attention issues start showing themselves. Plus there’s sports and just less time in general for therapy. And I feel like that’s where we are now.

  • Thank you so much for that explanation. That makes sense. I love what you said about him being comfortable rather than “stuck” in his own body. I’ve heard very similar descriptions from other ABM moms. That is encouraging. Thanks for sharing!


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