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Attempting to treat the various conditions associated with Spina Bifida using natural treatments and therapies can feel like navigating through unchartered territory. Because Spina Bifida covers such a wide range of medical specialties and because treatments are always improving and changing, unfortunately there are no experts to rely on. So we have created a treatment review system which allows users to share all of their experiences in one place.

We understand that your experience is subjective and that you may still be unsure of the results. This is the nature of the beast. Please do not let this prevent you from sharing your experiences. We are all in the same boat. You can edit your reviews as you gain more experience. Please just share what you have tried and what results, or lack thereof, you have experienced.

There may be times where someone has researched a treatment or heard stories about a treatment, but has not actually tried the treatment first-hand. This is still important and valuable information. We welcome such reviews, but ask that you limit your ratings from 2 to 4 stars. 1 and 5 star ratings should be reserved for first-hand experience with a treatment.

Users have expressed a hesitance to assign stars to their reviews. We understand this dilemma. Therefore we have created the following legend to assist in the decision making process.


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