Sensory Issues?

So my older daughter brought to my attention that Pooka does this strange blinky thing whenever you touch her left arm/hand.

I hadn’t noticed it before because she does the same thing when the dog tries to lick her face.  She closes her eyes, blinks rapidly and turns away.  Pretty normal response to an attempted dog licking, I thought.

But not so normal when you are trying to hand her something or touch her hand.

I don’t even know who to call?  I can flip through my Sensory book tonight.  But I don’t know if I should call PT, OT, Neuro, Ped, ND, ABM, Ghostbusters…ha!

Has anyone else had any sensory issues?  Camilla, do you know if ABM has been used on sensory type issues?  I have an intensive next week.

My ND is out of the country, my ped is moving away at the end of the month, we rarely see OT & PT.  I’m at a loss of who to talk to about this.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts.



  • Yes, ABM would definitely help with sensory issues. Thats sort of the beauty of ABM in that you can go for one reason but the work will effect many diff. areas of development.

    If you went to traditional therapies, OT would handle sensory–not PT.

    But, I do think its a little strange (merit, I know nothing about sensory issues) that its only on her left side. Does your older daughter think this just started happening or has she noticed it for awhile? Do you notice any other differences between her left/right sides? Is her strength in her right and left hands fairly similar? I don’t know if I would call neuro just based on what you said (it could be nothing!) but if you notice any other oddities, I think its fine to call the neuro’s office and they will just tell you if they think its nothing.

  • Well I’m only a little help, but as sensory issues go that seems sort of mild. And I know the “therapy” for such things is often just gradual and graduated exposure. I’m not sure I’d chase down a specialist yet, unless she does a lot more. Maybe just spend some time playing with her in a way that includes those touches, briefly and see if she begins to tolerate it. If she does, then try it with other textures – ball, cloth, glove, whatever.

  • Thank you, ladies. I will talk to Nikki about it on Tuesday.

    In the meantime, her little boy fan club of three, has been instructed to be very careful with her.

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