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So I couldn’t decide whether I should go post updates on 4 different posts or write a new one. I decided we needed a little stimulation around here, so here’s my update post.

Let’s start with Molasses Energy Balls – so Pooka still loves them and eats 5-10 of them 3 times a day. She has also increased her eating of other foods significantly, probably 5 fold. The only drawback is that her drinking of the “magic formula” has decreased as a result. Though she is not constipated, she has gone from nutella-texture to rabbit pellets. I am going to work on increasing her liquid intake this weekend. For those interested in these molasses balls, we learned two things this week: 1) they have to be at room temperature, and 2) they have to be rolled in some kind of powder to eliminate the stickiness. Otherwise, they stick to Pooka’s mouth and she gags and throws up. But at room temp, rolled in coconut powder, she loves them and has no problem whatsoever. See recipe here.

Essential Oils & Massage – so I’ve been so intrigued by the idea of massaging Pooka’s legs to stimulate circulation and muscle growth and perhaps even nerve growth? So I’ve spent the week researching oils in general and the infamous doTerra vs. Young Living scandal. My craniosacral therapist is a die-hard YL rep and gave me her full argument during our session yesterday. But after weighing all the information, I’ve decided to go with doTerra. So I am buying my first two products locally today. Then if I am convinced, I will become a wholesale member. My first two products are On Guard to protect us against all the flu bugs going around. I thought we kicked it, but now I’m hearing murmurs of sore throats returning. The second product I am purchasing is Helichrysum. It seemed pretty unanimous in my research that this is the #1 choice for nerve damage/growth. So I am going to begin massaging Pooka’s little legs with just Helichrysum (in a carrier oil) and see how it goes.

As you know Camilla & I both ordered the Gota Kola/Centella cream. She is going to use it on the scars on Claire’s feet. I am going to use it on Pooka’s back. So where is it, you ask? What? Is it coming on a slow boat from China? Funny you ask… why yes it is. I ordered it from Amazon and then got an email that it is shipping from CHINA! Probably not by boat, but honestly, people. Camilla, did yours arrive yet? Apparently, not all of them come from China. I just chose poorly.

And lastly, the most important update of them all. After much swirling, pulling, smelling and tasting, Southern Comfort is the grocery store Egg Nog brand winner for the season.

I think that’s all for now folks. Hope everyone is doing well.

Have a great weekend.



  • Great update!! I ordered the Gota Kola cream on Amazon too – it is on the same boat as your product 🙂 I will be using it on Caroline’s back and will keep you posted. I might also try Class IV laser on her scar – I will make another post about that.

    I am glad to hear about the molasses balls! Caroline is a terrible eater since her whole antibiotic disaster, so I have been hesitant to try anything new, but will be trying these this weekend for sure. Thanks for the reminder (oh – the link to the recipe in this post didn’t work, I had to go back to the original post to find it).

    Also a good reminder about the essential oils – I will be following this post to see your results and may jump on board too!

    Have a great weekend!

  • Ha, same boat. That made me laugh!

    I just fixed the link. Thanks, Tracy.

    I’ll be looking for your Class IV laser post. I think my MNRI lady used that on Pooka’s feet. I’m going to have to email her and ask if that is the name. I didn’t pay much attention or ask her much about it because I came with a list of questions about MNRI and was trying to focus on that.

  • Wow, my book on essential oils just arrived and I tried to look up Helichrysum, but it wasn’t there. Then I found it under Imortelle. So I guess it is also known as Imortelle or Italian Everlasting. I remember Lydia recommending Imortelle for scarring, which made me wonder which oil my CranioSacral therapist had told me about yesterday for scarring. She said it was AMAZING! She said it works on new scars and old scars with dramatic results. I just texted her asking which oil and sure enough Helichrysum. Ha!

    This is SO interesting. Because just like gota kola, helichrysum is recommended for both nerve growth AND scar treatment. This is all so fascinating to me.

    By the way, the essential oils book has a small section on Spina Bifida, which is shocking because Spina Bifida in almost never listed as a condition in the books I read. Down’s? Yes. Cerebral Palsy? Yes. Spinal Cord Injuries? Yes. Spina Bifida? Never!

    I’m going to put the book in the book section later this afternoon, if anyone is interested. It’s called The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy by Valerie Ann Worwood.

    • I’m interested in this book, haven’t read this one, I love the Modern Essentials book which lists each oil and it’s uses, as well as listing conditions. I do love Imortelle, which is a blend of several oils, and Helichrysum is a GREAT oil. We have used them both for healing and scarring.

  • I’ll have to try the Helichrysum as well–sounds promising! I have not received the gota kolu cream…I think its not coming until Dec! Since P is having rabbit pellets, you may want to seriously consider giving her something to really clear her out. If she is starting with pellets, its going to be really hard to tweak the recipe/just add more water to get her back where she was. Even if you are not ready to get on senna for the long term, one dosage may clear her out and then you could go back to tweaking the natural solution. I always lean toward the side of intervening too much as opposed to too little b/c a non-stretched out colon is necessary to long term continence.

    The kids and I have been enjoying egg nog as well….we’ll have to try Southern Comfort. 🙂

  • Camilla, I definitely hear you on leaning toward the side of caution. The reason I wasn’t too worried is because she was having lots of rabbit pellets, multiple times a day. I tweaked her formula and made an effort to get more bottles in her daily schedule and we are back in business. She is eating a nice variety of foods and having anywhere from 2-4 BMs per day. I feel really happy with her progress. Tomorrow is the first day of her next ABM intensive! Yeah!

  • What carrier oil do you use for the Helichrysum and what ratio? How often are you using it?

  • Look what arrived today. Apparently it came from Thailand, not China. I like the string!

    Oh, and you can now put images in your comments. Yeah!

  • I haven’t used the cream or the oil yet, @TracyDTP. I had one. crazy. week. BTW, the helichrysum was $100.00 for 5ml. OMGosh, I almost fell over.

    I think I’m going to use Avocado Oil for my carrier oil because I already have some and I try to use the things I’ve already purchased before buying something new.

    Here’s what Kelly says:
    “That is a good choice of EO. The thing with EO’s is they always work best in combination with with a couple of other synergystic eo’s . I would use it in combination with : lavender, lemon (something citrus) rosemary, possibly bergamot…. use a really good carrier oil like avocado or shea butter or evoo…. take about 4-6 oz of carrier oil, add say, 2-3 drops of each eo and shake well. Add a couple of extra drops of lavender oil to your final mix. Try the combo somewhere on Pooka’s skin – make sure no reaction. Use every day – before bed a very good time to do this – try to always end a massage for her by stroking/massaging upward toward upper body – also there is a really good method of gentle massage on tummy/colon area to encourage bm’s – it’s very good to include that in your routine as well. Anyway, those are my thoughts on that.. Also buy the expensive essential oils. They ARE worth it.”

    So here’s my dilemma — I’m not sure I’m willing to spend any more money on these spendy oils right now. I have all her recommended oils in NOW brand.

    @WellspringHope? @KRemmer?

    Mix my doTerra helichrysum with NOW brand oils or use alone?

  • So the holidays took over and I never got around to doing the helichrysum and gota kola/centella until January. But starting on January 12, we massaged the helichrysum into her legs and the gota kola/centella onto her scar. Here are the results after 4 weeks:

    Her scar looks the same.

    Her ankle diameter measured slightly smaller, which was confusing.
    Her knee diameter measured slightly smaller, which was also confusing.
    But her feet grew by a whopping 1/4″, which is pretty significant for her little feet.

    And I failed to measure knee to ankle length. I didn’t even think about it. But I think that was the most significant growth of all. At least that’s what it looks like from the before and after pictures. And that would explain the slightly smaller diameter of her knees and ankles as well.

    The most exciting part is that her toes and ankles started twitching early in the process. And now she moves them regularly and even seems to respond to touch on her feet by pulling away. I still don’t think the movement is purposeful or even voluntary, but it’s less spastic than it was early on. It looks more natural, but I’m not saying she does it intentionally. Does that make sense?

    And I’m fully aware that all of this could have just been a result of a growth spurt too.

    I’m out of the helichrysum, but as soon as I can get more, I’m going to switch treatments and put the helichrysum on her back scar (so excited about that) and the gota kola on her legs.

    So I guess I’ll report back in another month or so.

  • Very exciting! Even if it is just growth, or the benefit of massage generally, what a wonderful thing!

  • Awesome! Any movement, voluntary or involuntary, has to be a really good sign. Yay for movement and growth!

  • I was doing research on essential oils … I was wondering if you were still using the helichrysum and what you have noticed since February.

    • I ran out in February. I eventually reordered, but never resumed my routine. I do use it on my son’s facial burn scars and it is nothing short of amazing.

      But I’m glad you asked because I have been meaning to start rubbing it on her hips. Both of her hips are completely dislocated in the soft tissue and I foresee this causing problems for her in the future. I was told that a child has up until the age of 4 to grow hip sockets (hers never grew because the femer was never in place to stimulate the socket growth). So I was wondering if the helichrysum massage might stimulate her adductors. It sounds far fetched, but it certainly can’t hurt.

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