Inclined Bed

Have we always slept in flat beds?

Beds removed from the tombs of the Ancient Pharaohs, buried for 5 thousand years, were raised 15 cm at the head end! Why? Even the slaves mud beds were elevated to the same degree. Yet no one questioned their use of these beds? We also know from papyrus scripts that these advanced people were operating successfully on the brain and spine.

A famous Doctor wrote these poignant words about the Dangers Of Going To Bed:
“Look at the patient lying alone in bed. What a pathetic picture he makes. The blood clotting in his veins. The lime draining from his bones. The scybola stacking up in his colon. The flesh rotting from his seat. The urine leaking from his distended bladder and the spirit evaporating from his soul. Teach us to live that we may dread unnecessary time in bed. Get people up and we may save patients from an early grave.”
Dr. Richard Asher, 1942

His sobering words are still revered today and his lasting legacy is that we have learned to get patients out of hospital beds as soon as possible and with good reason to do so. The problem lies in outdated and erroneous literature, which relates to how gravity affects our circulation. It states that gravity plays little to no part in circulation because it acts equally on fluids flowing down and up. Nature tells us otherwise.

Inventor Andrew Fletcher explains, “20 years ago I made a phenomenal discovery in circulation and how gravity acts upon fluid density changes that take place in all fluids where water is evaporated. In trees (where this theory began) evaporation from the leaves alters the density of sap. In the body, the warm lungs and airways provide the same density changes in the blood and other fluids. It was not long before it became obvious that posture was incredibly more important than anyone could imagine. To make use of these density changes and allow them to assist the circulation all we needed to do was to manage our posture. This was a Eureka moment of such magnitude it went off the scale for me and instantly gave birth to Inclined Bed Therapy.”

A first set of observations about sleeping in a slightly inclined position (head up, feet down, five degrees) rather than in our traditional perfectly horizontal beds, seems to confirm that the human organism requires gravitational pull to function in an optimal manner. Positive health effects have been documented for those sleeping in the inclined position, including:

  • Kidney function improvements
  • Bladder function optimized and repaired
  • Damaged spinal cord repair – from wheelchair to walking
  • Improved sleep, including sleep apnea & snoring
  • Addresses Scoliosis/Kyphosis/Lordosis
  • Edema problems resolved

Incline the bed from the head and be surprised by the results. A most common report is that sleeping incline feels more natural than sleeping flat. After sleeping inclined for a few months, people report that they cannot go back to sleeping horizontal.

Inclined Bed
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