I’m kinda sorta at a loss here! HELPPP

My son’s poop schedule is so crazy and I know that I really need/want to get him on a schedule. We’ve used Miralax in the past and still do from time to time but I really don’t like giving it to him. His GI recommended doing docusol daily which I also don’t like the idea of!

I’ve found a couple of things that seam to get things moving for him (blended watermelon, pure organic carrot juice) but it’s usually hit or miss..somedays they work and others they don’t (which is when an enema or miralax comes to play) I’m at a loss here because somedays he’ll go on his own or go a little bit at a time and some times he wont go for days which is when I’ll usually give him an enema or miralax and once again sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I guess I’m just looking for some advice to get him regular and some understading on where the heck his poop is? How can he not go for 3/4 days and even with aid have nothing come out… I just don’t get it.

I forsure know I need to become a water pusher and that I need to just keep a poo diary for him but any other ideas/advice would be great!


  • Hello Ashley,

    You may want to try what many parents used on our young children when trying to regular bowels. Most doctors will try to get you to use some over the counter medications that are often too unpredictable and made for typical colons. The colons of children with spina bifida are often sluggish and require training to evacuate. If too much water is added they get a negative reaction. Bulk forming fibers result in 3/4 days of no activity.

    Since we live in Michigan…I thought I would share the product we started using in the early days as recommended by the University of Michigan Hospitals. It can be quite efficient when used daily. Be patient with the process., and give the colon time to be trained to evacuate. Although it was never an option for our family/son, many parents opt for a surgical solution.
    Good luck. I can be found on Facebook if you need a more rapid response.


    • CONE ENEMAS!!! I’ve had my eye on these babies for a hot minute! When j asked our GI Doctor if we could give it a go I was told to try docusol daily…he didn’t think my nearly two year old would sit long enough for them buttttt we are going to see a new GI Doctor sooo I’m gonna ask again and push for it! I’m just not sure when we’ll be able to be seen
      Thanks so much!!

  • Dr. Yarnell recommended CleaseMore by Renew Life for our son when we were taking him off enemas. We used it on a temporary basis. In any case regularity is a key issue with us too. Good luck 🙂

    • Roni, did you have a phone consult with Dr. Yarnell? Or are you just going off my recommendation? I’m thinking about doing a bladder consult with him later this year.

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