Ben Warf speaks about ETV, an innovative new treatment for infants with hydrocephalus

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ETV CPC Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.

Thank you Dr. Warf

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We were so lucky to be in Boston Children's Hospital with Dr. Warf. My son received ETV/CPC at 2 weeks old and is still shunt free at 7 years old.

Celebrating being shunt free

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My daughter had her ETV/CPC at 7 weeks old. We are so happy with the results and excited about the potential for a shunt free life - one less thing to worry about. For reasons not completely understood, even if the ETV "fails", then a shunt is more likely to be successful and not need revisions. We are so fortunate that our neurosurgeon, who trained directly with Dr. Warf, was able to transform our baby's life! 5 stars!

Life Changing

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I would give this 100 stars if I could. This surgery changed the course of our daughter's life. SB has many challenges, but thanks to Dr. Warf and this procedure, the challenge of shunt failure will never be a part of our girl's future. Because this was successful for her it has reduced greatly the number of hospital visits she would otherwise have over her lifetime. That, in turn, reduces her risk of disease exposure, medication reactions, wear on her body, delays in her development because of hospitalization, trauma associated with doctors and on and on. It has purchased for her freedom that nothing else could have provided.