Encouragement for Kids with SB

When your child with SB reaches pre-teen years (and maybe before) you are going to want stories of super heroes with SB to encourage them. These years are TOUGH. I’m very sad that Wheels (a magazine for disabled kids) was canceled. Anyway, these links might be a great resource for you.

http://www.jeandriscoll.com/ – Amazing woman with SB, winner of Boston Marathon multiple times, Olympic champion, etc. We read her biography, amazing.

http://www.disabledsportsusa.org/ – getting your child involved in extra-curricular is huge. Our community offers cheerleading, baseball, and basketball for SB kids.

Have y’all heard of Victory Junction? Oh my word. AMAZING! my oldest daughter with SB will be going this next year. We have a friend that goes. Talk about encouragement and support! Amazing. Spina Bifida week is so much fun! There is one 3 day weekend in March for whole families of kids with SB to attend if you aren’t sure about camp for your sweetie yet. The staff is amazing.. http://www.victoryjunction.org/

And then these two stories: Jason http://www.uticaod.com/x1651963910/Jason-Robinsons-Boilermaker-dream-takes-off

Deb http://www.yalebulldogs.com/sports/w-swim/2009-10/releases/20100523uj2qgs

Don’t be afraid to share these type stories with your kids. They need to know that they  too can defy expectations.



  • This is so awesome. Thank you!

    Since most of us have really young children just now, I really hope (and sort of expect) that there will be many more stories like this in intervening years.

    Hey Admin! Is there a permanent place that we could build a library of links and info like this?

    • We are trying to decide the best link title for this type thing. Should each “famous” individual’s story go under SB news? Amazing SB Stories? Maybe we should have a sports link? Tomorrow we are going to watch a wheelchair basketball game in a nearby town. One of my daughter’s friends is playing. I haven’t been brave enough to sign her up yet, have you seen how rough those games can get? Whew! And no helmets! Augh. Haha!

  • Thanks for sharing! I’ll have to show Claire. We have a yearly SB camp and the families go with the kids until they are 8 and then they go by themselves. I get nervous thinking about 8 now even though its 4 yrs away!

  • What about SB Athletes? Or even Amazing SB Athletes? Or SB Athletes in the News?

    What do you ladies think?

  • What if we changed up the real stories section a bit? Make the main REAL STORIES not clickable like the RESOURCES.

    Then the pull-down menu would look like this:

    Then under websites we could add a section called CLUBS & CAMPS or something along those lines?

    BTW, I’ve asked Kelly if she would write her daughter’s story. She said she would talk to her daughter. In addition I asked a Feldenkrais instructor to write her adult son’s story. Haven’t heard back yet. And lastly I ask the mybleedingink.com author if he would write his story. Haven’t heard back yet either. If anyone knows any other adults who would be willing to share their stories, please let me know.

    • Yes, that sounds great. I like dividing the stories up like that. I know of several more sports stories to add, paralympic athletes with SB.

    • OK, So I added a section to the WEBSITES page called CLUBS & CAMPS (I’m still open to changing that name) and I put Victory Junction and Disability Sports USA under that category.

      And I changed the former Real Stories page to “Our Kids Stories”, but under the main category REAL STORIES. I want to add a Sports Stories page, but am torn between just letting people put up a post for each sports story that automatically gets added to that page, like the Our Kids Stories or the SB News page. OR I could put each one up myself and have it look more like the Physicians & Therapist page. But each person would have a description under their profile, like this one:

      I could also have a form on that page for collecting new stories, like the way we collect new blogs.


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