Essential Oils Survey

So I am doing some general essential oil research (non-SB related) and I am wondering what oils you use on a weekly or monthly basis and what you use it for.  I’ll looking for very successful remedies for very common problems. I’ll start.  I use lavender for burns, peppermint for headaches, clove for toothaches, menthol for growing pains and tea

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New Members – Welcome!

Hello All! I wanted to take a minute to welcome all of our new members.  We’ve probably doubled our membership/email subscription in the past week.  Not sure where all the traffic is coming from, but we’ll take it!  We’re so glad you’re here! We would love to meet you, hear your story & glean from your experience.  There are quite

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Constipation Hey I’m back sorry it has been so long since I posted even off the MiraLAX however her stoles are a little hard.

Eve is off miralax and her stools are hard.  I have her on natural calm mag 1/8 tsp per day. 5ml molasses  fruit ease 1 tsp twice a day. And probiotic.  She is one.  I was going to up the mag to 1/4 tsp however I read that molasses has mag in it among other things like ca iron etc.

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