Letter to Parents Blog Post (Link included)

Hi! I have SB and am in my 20s. Several months ago I wrote the following letter to parents on my blog. Tina has asked me to share it here. Please feel free to follow the link to my blog and I highly recommend checking out the tab called “For Parents” at the top. https://theglobalaccessfiles.wordpress.com/2017/03/24/a-letter-to-parents-of-kids-with-disabilities/ I’ve been privileged to talk

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Congenitally Dislocated Hips in a SB 1 year old – anyone get a SPICA cast for their kid?

Hello Everyone, My husband and I have taken our son (who is now 1 year old exactly), to several specialists at Shriner’s, regular hospitals with Spina Bifida clinics, and even a retired bone & joint specialist.  We are convinced that a spica cast could help him as he has nerve innervation (as far as we can tell) to both legs

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The Story of My Leg – ExoSym Carbon Fiber Leg Braces

Usually when I walked, I would lift one leg and collapse into the knee, then do the same with the other, over and over. Thanks to the support of the braces, I got a sense of what it was like to move with an actual heel-to-toe rollover motion. I looked up at Ryan. “Fuck, man,” I said. “Let’s do it!” I headed back to Los Angeles, where my daydreams, for once, had a happy ending.

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