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Hi All,

I was hoping to get some feedback on the current settings in the comment system. I have two questions.

1) Nesting

Right now the system is set-up to allow nested comments up to 5 levels deep. I’m starting to question this option based on two things:

  • It is easy to miss a new comment because it can appear anywhere in the comments, not at the bottom like normally expected. For example, today Kelly posted something on Gota Kola dosing, but unless you are subscribed to the comments on that post, you probably missed that comment as it is not located at the bottom of the comments.
  • The more nested a comment becomes the worse it appears on a mobile device. Using the same example of Kelly’s Gota Kola dosing, the format on my phone is very difficult to read, being five levels deep.

I can turn off nesting altogether or just change the maximum nesting level to 1 or 2?  But if I just change the nesting max, we will still have the problem of the comment getting lost in the middle of the comments.

2) Oldest First or Newest First

Though comments on most blogs, forums, even Facebook are usually ordered oldest to newest, I can’t help but think how nice it would be if the newest comments appeared at the top.  To use the example of Kelly’s post once again, there are now 25 comments on her post.  When I view this post on my phone it feels like it takes an eternity to scroll to the bottom.  I fully realize how confusing this might be at first, but once we got used to it, we might really like it?  I’m on the fence, what do you think?

I look forward to your feedback.





  • 1). I see what you are saying about the nesting. I use my iPad and desktop most of the time and my phone only rarely to read/surf. The nesting comes across nicely on the bigger devices, but not so great on the smaller devices. While people might miss a new comment posted, I think the nesting can make the thread a lot easier to read/follow overall and for anyone just starting to read it. I am somewhat addicted to organizing, though 🙂

    2). I think I would have a hard time wrapping my small brain around new comments being at the top. I like them at the bottom.

    Hope this helps. Whatever you decide, I will contine to love this site!! So much great info!

  • Hmmm…

    I had the same issue with the nesting comments. I subscribed to a thread. Got an email that there was an updated comment and went to the thread (not via the email link) and couldn’t find it without some searching. I sort of lean towards not nesting them. And that, not only because it can be a little hard to find, but what happens if you want to make the 6th comment? Where does it go?

    Once I’ve read a thread, it is nice to have newest at the top, but until I’ve read it that is frustrating. Also, if there have been a lot of comments since the last time it can be odd to try and figure out where I left off. Not that it is really any different than if they are at the bottom in that case, I guess. ??? If it could be a user preference, that would be nice.

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