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Spina bifida at s2 level

Hi everyone! I am from the Philippines with a 6month old baby girl diagnosed with SB. Does anyone in this group has the same diagnosis as my baby? Spinal bifida involving the sacrum from the s2 level inferiorly with lipomeningocele,low lying and posterior tethered cord at the s2 level as well as intraspinal and extraspinal lipoma. This is the result

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Letter to Parents Blog Post (Link included)

Hi! I have SB and am in my 20s. Several months ago I wrote the following letter to parents on my blog. Tina has asked me to share it here. Please feel free to follow the link to my blog and I highly recommend checking out the tab called “For Parents” at the top. I’ve been privileged to talk

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Helping my 3 1/2 yo slim down

Hello! My husband just found this page and I just signed up. I can’t believe we’ve made it over 3 years and never found this wonderful website. Everyone here sounds amazing!   Our son seems to have a higher level lesion than the most active posters from what I can tell. He needs KAFO’s at the very least, but would

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