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New Adult Story – Angela Dockter

We are excited to announce that we have a new profile in the Adult Stories section.  What makes this story special is that you will also find Angela listed on our Physicians & Therapists page as well. Angela Dockter is a healthy 44-year old Holistic Healthcare Practitioner who was born with myelomeningocele L3-S1 and attributes her unassisted mobility to the

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SB Occulta – Diagnosed at 6 years old

We have a different story than most. I was 28 when I had Lili, our first of three children. She was a bit slow to meet the milestones (never crawled, walked very late, couldn’t hop, etc), but we were always told she was just a bit behind physically. After being successfully potty trained for  over 2 years, she suddenly started

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Article by Kelly Remmer

I can’t believe I haven’t seen this article before.  I want to talk to this lady!!! Does anybody know her? TSpar Here’s the content in case the link ever changes. Article by Kelly Remmer A whispered promise leads a mother off the beaten path and towards a reliable source to treat her daughter’s condition. About three years ago I

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