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Arnold Chiari Malformation (ACII) & Scalp Acupuncture

So I’ve been doing some research on quite a few different subjects recently. I’m going to post what I’ve learned for future reference & discussion.  No need to comment for commenting sake.  I’m just wanting to get the information documented so I don’t forget.  🙂 As some of you know, I’ve recently read two books on scalp acupuncture. As I

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Laser Therapy

I was wondering if anyone has used Laser Therapy?  It is similar to acupuncture with regards to results.  Here is some info: I have access to a similar unit for animals and am thinking about using it on Caroline for scar reduction.  It works great on my animal patients for scar reduction, treating cystitis (bladder inflammation) or any inflammation

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Ohio Girl with Spina Bifida Makes Gains

Family raising money to make second trip to China for more therapy Zanesville Times Recorder Roseville, OH —Watching her daughter taking her own steps is a blessing for Jessica McCulloch. “Ava can walk 300 feet with braces in high-tops,” McCulloch said. “She uses her wheelchair when necessary, but we don’t push her in it as much. We want her to

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