Bowel Support/ Natural Suppliment advice needed

Hello all. I’m new to the group, have read several posts but this is my first. My son Cayden is 2.5 and has Spina Bifida. I just spent $$$ and a bunch of time at Natural Grocers and came home with some loot to move poop. Looking for advice. He is currently on an adult dose of Juice Plus, 1/4-1/2tsp miralax, probiotic, flaxseed oil, and essential oils.

If you have experience with any of the following would love input or suggestions for dosing. (Cayden is 2.5 weighs around 24lbs).

  • Natural Calm (magnesium suppliment)- i have researched this and know the safe dosing amount to avoid toxicity for my son’s age.
  • Blackstrap Molasses
  •  Kids Trace Mineral Drops
  • Mag O7 (someone posted about Oxy Powder in an FB group. This looks like a very similar product)- I contacted Oxy Powder for dosing guidance and they wouldn’t give any for children.

Also FYI I”ve been giving him a capsule of Flaxseed Oil daily and have been able to reduce the miralax dose (was 1/2tsp daily down to just more than a 1/4 tsp now). I just cut the capsule open and sqeeze it on his food.

I don’t want to start giving him stuff without doing my homework, but it’s also hard to find dosing suggestions for kids. Especially kids with Neurogenic bowel who need a long term plan.

Thanks in advance for the help!


  • Welcome Christine! So glad you posted.

    I saw that Oxy Powder recommended on a Spina Bifida page as well, but I think it is just magnesium, isn’t it? Yes it’s “ozonated” magnesium oxide.

    My first recommendation is to start this whole process from a stable bowel position (things are moving consistently, good quantity, good consistency, etc), and move slowly. This ensures the transition is done safely and makes it much easier to evaluate the changes.

    Next I would only try one “active ingredient” at a time. A few of us were able to throw a bunch of stuff together and do fine, but that has proven more difficult for others. Through trial & error I was able to discover that molasses was our key ingredient.

    I would add/continue the fish oil/flax oil & probiotics for sure. They are just good for overall health and not key “movers”. So from there I would choose either magnesium or molasses (or fruit-eze). Some other moms have complained of tummy aches from the magnesium. So I would lean toward molasses if you can get Cayden to take it (strong taste). Pooka required a full 1 Tbsp per day (spread throughout the day in her bottles) to keep things moving.

    But you want to do it slowly. Tracy weaned down from Miralax and up to her supplements by reducing Miralax by 25% then increasing her other supplements by 25% up to her target dosage goal. She describes this process here:

    I would also recommend taking the time to read all the bowel related posts on the first page of the community forum. I just checked and all the recently relevant ones are still on the first page.

    Oh, and with Cayden being 2-1/2, have you considered starting an enema routine?

    Please keep us posted and ask any and all questions. We’re here to help.


  • How’s it going Christine? Is it working?

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