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i just got my 12 year old daughter off of Ditropan. She’s been on it for years and I swear it’s been a route cause of many mental issues we’ve had to deal with in the past 2 years. She’s been off of it for a week now but already has a UTI & is having more accidents due to it. We are traveling on Wednesday and I don’t want to surrender and put her back on it EVER! I saw someone post about Belladonna. I’d love to know what brand you are using, how much of it you’re using, etc. Thank you!

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  • Amber, I’m so sorry that no one ever responded to this post. I see you ended up getting an answer by commenting on one of my posts. I just discovered that the email notification system isn’t working for new posts. The comment notification system is a different plugin and seems to be working fine so that is why you got a response on your comments on my post, but not on your own. I have someone working to fix it now. But I wanted to let you know that we weren’t ignoring you. How’s it going? Did you try the belladonna? I’d love to hear an update.

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