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Arnold Chiari Malformation (ACII) & Scalp Acupuncture

So I’ve been doing some research on quite a few different subjects recently. I’m going to post what I’ve learned for future reference & discussion.  No need to comment for commenting sake.  I’m just wanting to get the information documented so I don’t forget.  🙂 As some of you know, I’ve recently read two books on scalp acupuncture. As I

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Sensory Issues?

So my older daughter brought to my attention that Pooka does this strange blinky thing whenever you touch her left arm/hand. I hadn’t noticed it before because she does the same thing when the dog tries to lick her face.  She closes her eyes, blinks rapidly and turns away.  Pretty normal response to an attempted dog licking, I thought. But not

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Equipment & Supplies

Lydia of Wellspring Hope has offered to help out with the admin duties of the website.  Yeah!  Thanks Lydia! And one of her many great ideas for the website was an Equipment & Supplies page where we can list recommended websites for getting things from cathing supplies to socks for AFOs.  I’ve put together a few things that I’ve seen on

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